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— Andrew Wardle Has Slept with 100 Women Despite Having No Penis —

May 21, 2015

(Silver Spring, Md.) - After forty years of secrecy, Andrew Wardle has decided to reveal the truth: he was born without a penis. It's a shocking secret that he kept hidden from most of his family, his friends and more than 100 women he's slept with... until now. On Saturday, June 13 at 10/9c, the Discovery Life Channel will premiere THE MAN WITH NO PENIS, a captivating hour-long documentary about Andrew's life-long struggle to overcome a rare birth condition that left him with testicles but no penis.

Filmed over 12 months, this intimate film charts Andrew's emotional journey as he confesses to old friends, past lovers and even his current, unsuspecting, girlfriend. "I had only told about 20 percent of them the truth," Andrew says. "It is difficult to explain to a new girlfriend. Once, I was punched in the face when I told a girl. I guess she felt like I had lied, but it's not something you can say right away."

Andrew Wardle was born with an Bladder Exstrophy, an extremely rare affliction that caused the organ to grow outside of his body. Doctors were able to fix his bladder, but he never developed a penis. Growing up, Andrew struggled with depression, substance abuse, and at one point even contemplated suicide. Now there is a new hope on the horizon and he's found happiness in his life.

Recent medical advancements in gender reconstruction surgery could make it possible for Andrew to have a fully functioning penis built from the skin, blood vessels and nerves in his arm. Cameras follow Andrew through a series of medical consultations and procedures as he prepares for the next chapter of his life. He meets with patients who have suffered from similar conditions and undergone the same surgery, and he plans for a recovery with his loving girlfriend by his side.

THE MAN WITH NO PENIS provides viewers with astonishing, unique and poignant insight into the problems Andrew has faced throughout his life and the surprisingly positive outlook he holds because of it.

THE MAN WITH NO PENIS is produced for Discovery Networks International (DNI) by Chameleon TV & True North. Commissioned by Sarah Thornton, Mark Procter is the DNI executive producer.


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