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The Mistress

Premieres Wednesday, January 21 at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c

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-- Discovery Life Channel Debuts January 15; THE MISTRESS Premieres Wednesday, January 21 at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c --

(Silver Spring, Md.)-Hollywood and the media most commonly portray mistresses as heartless home wreckers but, more often than not, these women don't embody the sexed-up stereotype. Many are duped into these toxic love triangles and struggle with deep feelings of loneliness and personal conflict. Now, one of the world's most famous mistresses is on a mission to rescue others from the despair of their affairs and portray the hidden life of the often-vilified woman in Discovery Life Channel's THE MISTRESS (working title). Sarah J. Symonds, author and self-proclaimed former mistress of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Lord Jeffrey Archer, dishes out tough love to mistresses ready to finally escape the trap of extramarital affairs. Each half-hour episode documents Symonds' intervention with one mistress, drawing from her own personal experiences to prove that there's rarely a silver lining when you're the other woman. Helping women fully come to terms with the truth beneath the lies, the empty promises, and the sneaking around, THE MISTRESS gives viewers a unique glimpse into the downward spiral of secret lovers. THE MISTRESS (wt) premieres on Wednesday, January 21 with back to back episodes at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c on Discovery Life Channel.

"Until now, the scandalous topic of mistresses has been relegated to soapy TV dramas and tabloid reality TV but at its heart, this series is truly about redemption, rising above temptation, and helping 'the other woman' become her own woman," said Jane Latman, general manager, Discovery Life Channel. "THE MISTRESS is just one of the ways Discovery Life Channel embraces all of life's up and downs, empowering women who have made bad decisions - often through no fault of their own - to wake up and turn their lives around."

"Infidelity is like the distant rumble of thunder in any relationship," said reformed mistress Sarah J. Symonds. "I know firsthand how and why people cheat and I've made it my life's mission to try and stop them. I think that airing this series right after the New Year is perfect as many mistresses will be reevaluating their relationships having spent the holidays alone. This show will serve as a wake-up call for many women, and may even save some marriages too!"

As a former mistress to the rich and famous, Sarah J. Symonds is the world's first and only "Infidelity Analyst." Her first book, the controversial self-help manual Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman, attracted huge media attention and unwittingly catapulted her into the role of relationship expert overnight. An overwhelming response from women seeking her advice led her to pioneer a groundbreaking support group,, to help women like her in need of a way out. She has since expanded her cause to work with wives, founding the organization, educating them on how to prevent - or stop - their husbands from cheating on them. Symonds believes that prevention is always more effective than a cure.

THE MISTRESS (wt) produced by Great Pacific Media Inc. and distributed by Beyond Distribution. For Discovery Life Channel, Julie Meisner Eagle is vice president of production, Jane Latman is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President.