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The Meeting

With unprecedented access to stories of addiction and recovery, THE MEETING deploys an innovative and provocative visual approach as it follows four incredible, universal stories shared first-hand from the perspective of long recovery.   What is it like to be in the throes of an addiction?  What happened to set these individuals on the path of seeking recovery? And finally, what has it been like for them to live in the wider world as recovered addicts?  Whether a viewer is personally dealing with an addiction or, like most of us, has an addict or recovered addict in their personal or professional lives, THE MEETING shares invaluable tools we can all use to navigate the everyday and live our lives more fully in the moment. Crucially, while this special offers viewers a groundbreaking glimpse into the often secretive world of recovery, the people sharing their stories remain anonymous in a most visually interesting manner.  A show about principles and not about personalities, THE MEETING is a conversation-starter.