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New Girls on the Block

Series Premieres Saturday, April 11 at 10/9c

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Discovery Life Channel is proud to announce that NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK will premiere on April 11. NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK follows a group of highly inspirational and entertaining women from Kansas City, MO - all friends, some couples - who just happen to be transgender. After years struggling with their gender identities, they are finally finding themselves and learning what it means to be the women they always knew that they were. Confronting issues with their relationships, their femininity, their families and friendships, NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK is an authentic look at lives in transition. The five-part series will premiere on Discovery Life Channel on Saturday, April 11 at 10/9c.

As the first series to embed with a real group of female friends within the transgender community, NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK offers a transformative look at these women's lives as they navigate their daily struggles and successes. The series profiles cast members such as: couple AiYana and Jaimie who, following Jaimie's departure from the military, face opposition to Jaimie's participation in competitive triathlons as a woman; best girlfriends Kassidy and Chloe who are navigating their transitions together and experiencing many firsts, including their first double date; married couple Macy and Sharon, who are still in love and trying to understand what Macy's recent transition means to their relationship; and Robyn and Andrew, best friends who fell in love after Robyn's transition and find themselves at odds over whether it's time to get engaged.

"Putting the real back in reality television, we are thrilled to introduce these lovable characters to our audience without a filter, serving as an inspiration to live our lives freely and full of humor, heart, and hope," said Jane Latman, general manager of Discovery Life Channel. "With NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK, Discovery Life Channel looks to provide a bridge to a world of acceptance of the transgender community through our honest portrayal - and entertaining look - at these women's lives."

NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK is produced by Conveyor Media in association with Reality Road. Jay James, Colin Whelan, Teri Rogers, Matt Antrim, and Eric Steit are executive producers. Caroline Gibbs, director of the Transgender Institute in Kansas City, serves as co-executive producer. For Discovery Life Channel, Julie Meisner Eagle is vice president of production, Jane Latman is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family Channel, and Discovery Life Channel.


On January 15, 2015, Discovery Fit & Health became Discovery Life Channel - a network that embraces all of life's unplanned moments. Discovery Life brings viewers a kaleidoscope of human emotions and experiences through the true stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. From critical turning points to unexpected moments, Discovery Life tackles life's surprising twists and turns. The network is under the purview of Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family Channel, and Discovery Life Channel, with Jane Latman as General Manager. Discovery Life Channel is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world's #1 pay-TV provider reaching nearly 3 billion cumulative subscribers in 220 countries and territories.

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