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Untold Stories of the ER Season 10

Premieres Friday, December 4th at 10/9c

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(Silver Spring, MD) – Medicine’s most harrowing, challenging and unusual stories return to Discovery Life in an all-new season of UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER, premiering Friday, December 4th at 10/9c. But, before viewers witness all-new medical cases, they can relive the 460 most outrageous and unexpected life-changing moments with a weeklong marathon event beginning Sunday, November 29th at 1/12c. In the ER, it doesn’t take long for things to go south, and it’s up to the doctors and nurses to solve the problems.

Since 2002, UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER has followed 270 doctors as they’ve treated animal bites, impalements, accident victims, and rare diseases. This season of UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER goes deep into the stories of patients and their doctors, exposing bizarre medical situations. Each episode of the series features emergency room physicians as they revisit cases they weren’t necessarily taught to handle in medical school.  

UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER opens the world of emergency rooms, doctors and patients as they retell and reenact the most extreme and challenging cases they’ve ever encountered while on the clock. It’s a matter of life or death as doctors are pushed to make decisions to choose the correct treatment for their patients. They’ll treat it all, including a patient faking a seizure condition, a man’s finger that was reattached after being swallowed by a dog, and a man who transforms into a giant marshmallow – swollen up beyond recognition after a car accident.

In the premiere episode of the new season a college student’s head is impaled by a trophy deer’s antlers; a semi-conscious car crash victim leads the doctor to believe that she has lost her baby in the accident; and a nurse’s ex-boyfriend brings his new girlfriend to the ER with an allergic reaction.

UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER is produced by GRB Entertainment for Discovery Life.

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