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Discovery's #BIKERLIVE takes motorcycles from streets to tweets

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Across America, bike builders are creating mind-blowing works of art in the obscurity of backyard garages.  From loud and large, to slick and sexy, these diamond-in-the-rough, badass machines are about to roar from the shadows to finally get the attention they rightfully deserve. Discovery's new series #BikerLive premieres on Monday, May 12th at 10:00pm ET/PT. Hosted by Discovery's Christo Doyle, #BikerLive invites viewers to put the pedal to the metal, harnessing the power of Twitter, to vote on America's best motorcycles.

Each week, #BikerLive will travel across the country, introducing three new teams of the nation's best bike builders - from California to Georgia. With five weeks and $15,000, these unsung builders will construct their dream bikes and go head to head for the title of America's baddest bike! Ultimately, it's up to America to decide whose motorcycle reigns supreme - LIVE, that night. Each week brings a new battle for the title of best bike builder in that region and a chance to compete in the finale for #BikerLive's best bike of the season.

In a first for Discovery, #BikerLive will use the power of Twitter to determine the winner. Voting will start at the open of that night's episode, and audiences will be given specific hashtags to tweet out their votes.  The winner will be announced live at the end of the show.

#BikerLive is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Studios. Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis are the executive producers for Pilgrim Studios.  Christo Doyle is the executive producer for Discovery Channel.