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Dude, You're Screwed

New series premieres Sunday, December 8 at 10PM ET/PT

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Would you play a game where you're captured, blindfolded and dumped at an unknown, remote, location somewhere in the world…filled with unforeseen danger?   You have 100 hours to find civilization or you LOSE and forever endure the humiliation of your pals?  The ultimate survival game, DUDE, YOU'RE SCREWED, features five friends – who happen to be a handful of the most elite survivalists in the world - to play the ultimate game.  Each week one guy is ambushed by the other four as they monitor his every move in the wild:  will it be the Green Beret, former Navy SEAL, the expert Survival Instructors or the Primitive Skills Expert?  They'll watch him endure the harshest, most extreme environments in the world and fight his his way back to civilization, alive and unscathed, or else he loses.  DUDE, YOU'RE SCREWED crisscrosses the globe – from dense jungles to the tops of glaciers – to match wits in the wild.  And with reputations and bragging rights on the line, who will have what it takes to survive?