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All new episodes beginning Jan. 10th at 9pm ET/PT

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(New York, NY) Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are back for another incredible season of Discovery’s longest running series, MYTHBUSTERS.  The new season explodes on Saturday, January 10th at 9pm ET/PT, with a very special episode featuring myths from one of the greatest television shows of all time, “The Simpsons.”

This year, MYTHBUSTERS is back with a fresh look and feel. With state of the art high res cameras, the explosions will be brighter, the experiments more colorful, and the duct tape practically in viewers living rooms.  Each episode will also focus on two myths – devoting more time to the process, giving the viewer more insight into these incredible, jaw-dropping experiments.

Upcoming episodes include:

·         THE SIMPSONS: D’oh!  Adam and Jamie are tackling the greatest animated TV series of all time, “The Simpsons.”  Along for the ride is special guest Al Jean, executive producer and show runner of “The Simpsons.”  Would Homer’s tubby torso really absorb the impact of a wrecking ball swinging into his house?  And could a cherry bomb really cause a Bellagio-like simultaneous eruption of toilet bowls?

·         INDIANA JONES: Hold onto your hats as the MythBusters put the legendary Indiana Jones and his hijinks to the test.  First up, Adam and Jamie tackled the famous opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Next, the duo jumps right into WHIP myths.  Can you really disarm a gun-toting adversary with one crack?  Does a whip really break the speed of sound?  Can you really use a whip to swing your way across a deadly chasm?

·         VIDEO GAMES: Adam and Jamie take Mythbusting to the next level challenging the science of the virtual world rendered in video games.  Will it be GAME OVER for false physics?

·         The A-TEAM SPECIAL: It’s a cult classic as Adam and Jamie put the A-Team under the MythBusters microscope.  First they test out whether it’s really possible to build a working cannon out of stuff in an abandoned barn.  Next, can a sewer explosion really take out the bad guys without serious injuries?

Inspiring a generation to inquire, interact and get involved with science, MYTHBUSTERS uses a signature brand of explosive experimentation to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions or legends. Over the past 12 years, the team has tested 960 myths, filmed over 8000 hours, created 864 explosions and used 57,800 yards of duct tape.

MYTHBUSTERS is produced for Discovery Channel by Beyond Productions. For Beyond Productions, Dan Tapster serves as show runner and executive producer. Joshua C. Berkley and Hugh Peterson serve as executive producers for Discovery Channel with Sara Van Acker as associate producer.





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