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Sons of Winter

Premieres April 28 at 10pm ET

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Meet the Barks family, homesteaders who have rejected modern living in favor of living off the grid and maintaining a prairie lifestyle in Northern Saskatchewan, a remote province in Canada. This winter, their entire world is about to change. The two eldest sons, 18-year-old Dale and 17-year-old Shane, will embark on an epic, 90-day journey hundreds of miles away from home in order to survive the unforgiving wilderness on their own. From Gurney Productions, the series premiere of SONS OF WINTER airs Tuesday, April 28 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

For years, the Barks family has embraced a pioneer lifestyle, sustaining themselves by running a trapline and trading animal meat and fur for basic life necessities. Togetherness has always been the key to survival for patriarch Randy, his wife Tara and their three sons, Dale, Shane and Kole. This winter, one thing's certain: Dale and Shane's perilous journey and rite of passage to manhood will test the entire family's perseverance, faith and strength. Will the boys survive or die trying?

In the ultimate test of survival, Dale and Shane will venture alone into the wilderness for 90 days during the coldest months in the year. Together they will battle the elements, forage for food, establish their own trapping area and attempt to overcome the myriad dangers that surround them in the untamed landscape. Meanwhile, Randy, Tara and their youngest son Kole must adapt and learn to survive the sub-arctic winter without their eldest sons. Now, separated by hundreds of miles, the two depleted camps will struggle to endure the winter as Dale and Shane undergo their transition from boys to woodsmen. But in a place isolated from the rest of the world - two days from the nearest hospital and at the mercy of the harsh weather - every day will bring with it new challenges and dangers.