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Premieres October 5 at 10pm ET/PT

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Discovery Channel's newest take on survival, adventure series TETHERED, premiering on Sunday, October 5 at 10 PM, tests human's ability to survive in some of the most extreme environments on the planet while enduring psychological torment like never before- being bound to complete stranger by a six foot tether. Many survival situations involve complete strangers, to make it out alive splitting up is the last thing they should do- in TETHERED that's not an option! Two people from completely different walks of life, embark on a journey across treacherous terrain - tied together. Dropped at the meeting point with just the tether that binds them, a basic map and a limited survival kit, each duo has 10-12 days to overcome the challenging terrain and each other in order to escape the wild and reach rescue. Each TETHERED participant has varying degrees of survival skills and all are eager for a life-changing experience. Each location provides its own unique sets of challenges. From trekking through bear-infested woods in Alaska, to swimming across shark-infested waters in Panama, another avoids alligators in the Louisiana swamps and one finds themselves hanging over a waterfall after making a hasty decision that could cost them the game. Each duo is in for an unimaginable wild ride to reach rescue. The tether that binds them provides a wealth of thrills and humor, from opposing viewpoints, to chronic snoring, there's no escape as simple disagreements quickly turn to physical Tugs of War. TETHERED duos learn the hard way that the best way to survive is to stick together. MEET THE TETHERED DUOS: • Hardheaded Navy vet, Keith, and free-spirited yogi, Willow, must endure Panama's boa-ridden swamps, intense humidity, swim across shark-infested waters and survive each other. Keith is out to prove to his family that he can survive anywhere in the world and deal with anything, while Willow, who lives life on a whim, is here for adventure.

• Rob, an extreme environmental activist and Kevin, a city-slicker real estate mogul, are locked together and try to withstand the bayou's extreme heat, survive nights swarming with blood-thirsty mosquitoes and cut through neck-deep, gator-infested swamps.

• The high temperatures and torrential downpours of the Panamanian Jungle prove as one of the most difficult places to survive for Jay a professional bull ride and committed adrenaline junkie who never takes his cowboy hat off, and Matt, a bookish intellectual.

• Henry, a mild-mannered and dedicated Wildlife Biologist and weekend hunter, and Laura, an Air Force veteran who calls it like it is and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her - are dropped in a remote cove in Alaska's Kodiak Archipelago.

• Tattoo-covered Nick, an Alaskan gold miner and self-proclaimed ‘redneck,' and Jameson, a Haitian-born therapist with a zen-like attitude who has never been camping before, lock themselves together to test their ability to take on North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains.

• High in Alaska's freezing Chugach Mountain Range, polar opposites, Blake, a biology professor and Caesar, a self-proclaimed Medicine Man and practicing shaman lock themselves together.

TETHERED is a production for Discovery by Sharp Entertainment where Matt Sharp, Dan Adler and Peter Goetz are executive producers. Sarah Davies is the executive producer and Marion Haberman is the producer for Discovery Networks International, and David Pritikin serves as executive producer for Discovery Channel.