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Anne Burrell and New Co-Host Darnell Ferguson Transform Cast of Social Media Stars from Cooking Disasters to Kitchen Masters in Worst Cooks in America: Viral Sensations

Eight-Episode Season Premieres Sunday, January 1st at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network and discovery+

November 22, 2022

Contact - Lauren Sklar

The competitors are influencers online but clueless in the kitchen in Worst Cooks in America: Viral Sensations, premiering with a supersized 90-minute episode on Sunday, January 1st at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network and discovery+.  Anne Burrell is joined for the first time by Darnell Ferguson to lead culinary boot camp, where they take on the kitchen chaos, food fumbles and culinary confusion of these trending competitors IRL.  From a paleontologist TikToker and pop culture trendsetters to the Louisiana woman who went viral after using Gorilla Glue in her hair, the cast is filled with larger-than-life personalities who are determined to win “likes” for their improving cooking skills. With the red team led by Anne and blue by Darnell, this season’s competition is more buzz-worthy than ever, including challenges inspired by viral trends like Poke-Bowl-Go, Cake or Fake and Ice-Bucket trivia.  In the end, only the most improved recruit left standing is awarded a $25,000 grand prize and bragging rights for their mentor.