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Worst Cooks in America

Eight-Episode Season Premieres Sunday, August 6th at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network

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The cooking-challenged competitors are single and ready to mingle in Worst Cooks in America: Love at First Bite, premiering with a supersized 90-minute episode on Sunday, August 6th at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network.  In the eight-episode season, food superstars Anne Burrell and Jeff Mauro each lead a team of fun and flirty kitchen disasters through a life-changing culinary bootcamp to transform them from cooking duds into kitchen studs.  The recruits not only learn how to make date-friendly dishes like sushi, spicy wontons and classic French pastries, they also go head-to-head in romantic dating-inspired challenges like the Cupid Games, the Bagel-orette and the Inferno Zone. In the end, only the most improved recruit left standing is awarded a $25,000 grand prize, bragging rights for their mentor and the ability to add “great cook” to their dating profile.