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Battle on the Beach

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Bigger builds, imaginative challenges and unexpected twists will play out during the renovation of three identical properties in the new season of the hit HGTV competition series, Battle on the Beach. Shot in sunny Surfside Beach, Texas, the series will spotlight three skilled teams of up-and-coming home renovators who, coached by celebrated mentors and design experts Taniya Nayak (Build it Forward), Ty Pennington (Rock the Block) and Alison Victoria (Windy City Rehab), will work tirelessly to complete weekly renovation challenges in the three 1,500-square-foot seaside homes – each within a tight $80,000 renovation budget. To clinch the $50,000 cash prize, the teams must impress judges Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island) who will use their expertise to determine which team adds the most value to each ultimate waterfront oasis. Battle on the Beach will be available to stream on discovery+ in addition to airing on HGTV.