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Flip to A Million

In Flip to A Million, HGTV will conduct an edge-of-your-seat house-flipping experiment as never seen before. The six one-hour episodes will follow two couples who are both successful house flippers in their respective markets: Jason and EJ Williams of Chicago, Illinois, and Jon and Dani Wrobel of Long Island, New York. During the series, narrated by HGTV star Alison Victoria, the pairs will be dropped in an unfamiliar city—Dallas, Texas—where they will set out to prove that, in the world of real estate, it’s possible to start out with almost nothing and turn it into a fortune. With an initial budget of only $1,000, each couple will work the real estate and flipping market to buy, renovate and sell properties. Their goal: build to a $1 million house sale in just six months. To try to make it happen, the duos must take real risks and go to any length to flip to a million.