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Turn Your House Around

est known as the winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen and star of Reno My Rental, Carmeon will come to the rescue of frustrated Memphis-area homeowners who are stuck with houses that aren’t practical for their family’s needs. Throughout the series, Carmeon, with help from her talented team of makers and craftspeople, will create uniquely customized and functional spaces that perfectly fit each family’s lives, personal style and budget. 

“Fans of Carmeon’s HGTV series and her popular social media platforms love to watch her step into any space and immediately come up with a myriad of easy and inexpensive ways to max out its style and function,” said Loren Ruch, Head of Content, HGTV.  “She will do even more for her clients in Turn Your House Around (wt), bringing her creative ingenuity and clever solutions to families’ homes in every episode.”