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Dr. Brian Russell

Dr. Brian Russell is a licensed psychologist, licensed attorney, M.B.A., lecturer, writer, and media pundit on psychological and legal issues.  As a psychologist, he has practiced both forensically and clinically, serving as an expert in both criminal (including spousal murder) and civil (including divorce) cases and treating both adult and pediatric psychological and relational problems.  As an attorney, he has represented clients in both high and low profile criminal and civil matters and has served as a mediator (of high-conflict divorce cases among others), litigation consultant, and legislative expert.  Dr. Russell consults frequently on high-level management decisions, primarily in health care and financial organizations, and teaches a popular course at the University of Kansas addressing psychological and legal issues in the American workplace.  His analysis and commentary have been featured frequently in the international news media, including television networks such as CNN, the Fox News Channel, HLN, truTV, MSNBC, and CBS, on programs such as The O'Reilly Factor, Nancy Grace, In Session, Anderson Cooper 360, and The Early Show.  For more information, visit