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Image from Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery

Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery

Two-Hour Special Premieres May 27 at 9/8c

On July 11, 2011, 6-year-old Max Shacknai suffers a fatal fall in his father’s Coronado home while under the watch of his father’s girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau. Tragedy strikes a second time when just two days later, Rebecca’s body is found naked, bound and gagged, hanging from a balcony of the same mansion. Police suspe...

Image for In Pursuit with John Walsh

In Pursuit with John Walsh

Premieres Wednesday, January 16 at 10/9c

Icon of justice and victims’ rights advocate John Walsh joins America’s leading true-crime network, Investigation Discovery, on their joint mission to track down fugitives on the run and find missing children with IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH. Each week, John Walsh leads viewers through unsolved violent crimes that urge...

Image for The Atlanta Child Murders

The Atlanta Child Murders

Premieres Saturday, March 23 at 9/8c

The year is 1979; the location, Atlanta. The city is enveloped in a time of change, but just when it feels like Atlanta is turning towards an era of peaceful prosperity, two 14-year-old boys go missing. A few days later a woman stumbles across their remains, with one boy fatally shot and the other strangled. This inci...

Image for On the Case with Paula Zahn

On the Case with Paula Zahn

New Episodes Premiere Sundays at 10/9c

Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn brings her passion for justice back to America’s leading true-crime network Investigation Discovery (ID) for an all-new season of ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN. Premiering Sunday, July 15 at 10/9c, ON THE CASE takes viewers inside some of the nation’s most fascinating true crime ...