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Photo for Air Aces

Air Aces

Ambitious, spectacular and supercharged, AIR ACES is Military Channel’s action-packed new series that profiles some of the most heroic and courageous military pilots ever.

Photo for An Officer and a Movie

An Officer and a Movie

AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE pairs Hollywood film and television star Lou Diamond Phillips with retired and active duty officers who lived through major battles or have an expertise in the conflicts depicted in notable Hollywood films.


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Baker Boys: Inside the Surge

BAKER BOYS: INSIDE THE SURGE follows Baker Company, a squad of Army soldiers on an extended tour in Iraq. Their primary mission: attempt to dismantle Al Qaeda and the terrorist organization's infrastructure during "the Surge" that turned the tide of the war.

Photo for The Brokaw Files

The Brokaw Files

In Tom Brokaw's new series, produced exclusively for the Military Channel, he reflects on major events documented during his legendary career, including what a day in the life is like for the crew aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier post 9/11.


Photo for Capturing Oswald

Capturing Oswald

An all-new documentary exploring the manhunt for Lee Harvey Oswald from the perspective of the detectives and officers of the Dallas Police Department, including Jim Leavelle, the homicide detective handcuffed to Oswald when he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby.

Photo for Combat Countdown

Combat Countdown

COMBAT COUNTDOWN showcases the biggest and best war machines on battlefields around the globe, traveling the world to see the elite technology from the land, sea and air – and meet the brave soldiers who operate them every day.

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Combat Tech

COMBAT TECH takes an in-depth look at the greatest military engineering accomplishments, revealing how they work, how they came to be, and how they made a difference in the theater of war.

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Commander in Chief: Inside the Oval Office

This gripping television event reveals the untold stories behind critical military decisions in different presidencies to reveal what it's like to be inside the Oval Office when the Commander in Chief makes a life or death move.


Photo for Edge of War

Edge of War

General Wesley Clark explores the unique personalities, the politics, the military machinery and the extraordinary stakes that surround history's greatest conflicts to examine, moment by moment, the events that lead to war.


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Military Channel is joining forces with the G.I. Film Festival, the nation’s most prestigious film festival devoted exclusively to the heroic service of American service members.

Photo for Great Planes

Great Planes

Retired Navy Fighter Pilot and “Survivor” finalist Terry Deitz examines the stories behind the most influential and innovative planes in the world. These brand new episodes explore some of the most spectacular aircrafts ever to take to the skies.

Photo for Greatest Tank Battles

Greatest Tank Battles

GREATEST TANK BATTLES brings to life the most gripping and monumental battles ever fought on the front lines with these weapons on wheels. Filmed on battlefields across the world, the series uses stunning, ultra-realistic CGI animation to recount the step-by-step maneuvers used in the most colossal combats.


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History Exposed

A comprehensive study of conspiracies and espionage at the heart of some of the most significant moments of the 20th Century, HISTORY EXPOSED uncovers stories of cunning deception and sabotage that have changed the course of modern history.


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Infamous Assassinations

Military Channel’s new series goes behind the scenes of assassination attempts that changed the course of history.




Military Channel announces upcoming premieres that showcase real-world heroism and military history's most unforgettable moments and intrepid personalities.

Photo for Military Channel's Core Images 2012

Military Channel's Core Images 2012

Military Channel generic photography

Photo for Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

Today, snipers face challenges and missions that their predecessors could have only imagined. As warfare and technology advances, the tools, tactics, and techniques of the sniper must follow.


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Narrow Escapes of WWII

This series is about the heroes of World War II who stood up and fought when everything seemed lost. NARROW ESCAPES OF WWII highlights the brilliant generals and ferocious warriors whose selfless acts of courage saved hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Photo for Nazi Collaborators

Nazi Collaborators

Military Channel’s compelling new series NAZI COLLABORATORS sheds light on the individuals and organizations outside of the Third Reich that assisted – knowingly or unknowingly – the Nazis in their evil quest to conquer Europe, the Middle East and Africa.




PEARL HARBOR DECLASSIFIED offers a compelling look at an event that galvanized the country and led to America’s entry into World War II. Using state-of-the-art image stabilizing techniques, PEARL HARBOR DECLASSIFIED provides a dramatic look at the pivotal first 15 minutes of the bombing and the devastating aftermath.


Photo for Secrets Of...

Secrets Of...

This series reveals secrets of the most mysterious agencies, technologies, companies, and groups in the world, such as Delta Force, Shadow Military, CIA Black Ops, Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Army Rangers.


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Top Secret Weapons Revealed

TOP SECRET WEAPONS REVEALED features the top secret weapons – some brilliant, some far-fetched, and even some epic failures – that paved the way for future successes in weapons development.

Photo for Triggers


Former Army Ranger and Air Force Pararescueman Wil Willis hosts Military Channel’s newest look inside the history of modern warfare. Combining history, science and technology, this cutting-edge series examines the evolution of firearms and how the development of each one changed the face of combat forever.


Photo for Ultimate Warfare

Ultimate Warfare

ULTIMATE WARFARE takes viewers on a totally immersive journey as they experience the nail-biting drama of hostile combat on the most famous battlefields of all time – and provides gripping first-hand accounts from the brave soldiers who were experiencing it all from the frontlines.


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A mere footnote in our country's history could have been the catalyst for a potentially catastrophic series of events in the early 1960s. Lee Harvey Oswald was not the first man who wanted to kill JFK. What might have happened if Lyndon B. Johnson was in office instead of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis?