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Robert Tercek

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President, Digital Media

Robert Tercek was named President, Digital Media for OWN in October 2008.  Tercek oversees the multimedia ventures for OWN and and, as such, is responsible for leading the team that creates and markets multi-platform opportunities for OWN and content. With a strong background in social media, he is charged with spearheading initiatives to build a significant social media presence for the brands.

A seasoned media executive, Mr. Tercek's experience spans two decades in creating and marketing content on all digital distribution platforms, including cable, broadband, game consoles, and mobile.  Since 2006, he has headed his own company, Multimedia Networks, Inc.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, Multimedia launched the social startup media ventures and  Both ventures were driven from conception through venture financing to successful launches under Mr. Tercek's leadership.

Prior to forming Multimedia Networks, Mr. Tercek served as Chief Marketing Officer for M Forma Group, one of the world's largest publishers of entertainment for mobile phones.  There, he oversaw content programming and marketing strategies, forming key partnerships with Paramount, Universal, Atari, Activision, Hasbro, CBS Sportsline, and Marvel Comics, among others.  Before that, he served as President of the Applications and Services Division of Packetvideo Corporation, the first company to provide multimedia in mobile networks.

Mr. Tercek's cable career began as Creative Director at MTV, where he led the groundbreaking pop culture network's on-air creative department.  He moved into online programming as Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he launched more than twenty online properties, including interactive versions of the top-rated syndicated programs Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College. 

Mr. Tercek is based in Los Angeles, but he spends much of his time in Chicago.