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All New Season of Mysteries of the Abandoned May 20

May 7, 2021

Contact - Phil Zimmerman
Vice President - Publicity, Discovery Channel - Communications
Contact - Natalie Munio
Publicity Coordinator
The mystery of a former palace outside Delhi and a self-proclaimed queen whose fraudulent deception was unraveled by a New York Times reporter. The bizarre riddle of Muhammed Ali’s epic “Rumble in the Jungle” and an upscale hotel resort that once hosted the rich and famous throughout its illustrious history with an underground bunker tucked away in case of nuclear attack. A modern theme park in Indonesia struck down by a series of bizarre events.
Once significant sites and structures around the world, today these abandoned places are merely the ghostly remains of what they once were. In an all new season of Science Channel’s hit series, MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED, experts uncover the stories behind these abandoned marvels and remarkable sites to reveal their once rich, sometimes haunting, history and why they were left behind.
An all new season of MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED premieres Thursday, May 20 at 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel and will also stream on discovery+. In addition to watching MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED on Science Channel and discovery+, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #MysteriesoftheAbandoned and follow Science Channel on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Tiktok for the latest updates. You can also follow discovery+ on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.
Throughout this season, viewers will travel across the globe to uncover the mysteries behind these massive structures and abandoned sites on the brink of collapse. After decades of decay and withstanding erosion, disasters, and wars, what’s left of these structures will reveal secrets from throughout history.
With what is still considered one of the biggest rotative beam engines in the world, this ‘Cathedral of Sewage’ was once part of a solution to the public health crisis in London following what was known as the ‘Great Stink’ of 1958. With insight from the descendants of the engineer responsible for designing the facility that transformed London, experts reveal the history of this revolutionary sewer system and what the future of this unique facility holds. Off the coast of China, a giant concrete box looms over the water appearing to look like an apartment block of sorts. But experts reveal this mysterious structure’s true purpose – a giant speaker designed to beam propaganda across the straight to the people of Communist China.
Also this season, experts investigate an epic abandoned resort on the banks of the Dead Sea embroiled in controversy and the Russian mafia, a modern abstract tower in the middle of nowhere in Croatia that appears to belong to a futuristic city, and a former priesthood training center in the forest outside of Glasgow with a brutalist exterior.
Throughout MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED, these structures are brought back to life with advanced CGI modeling to help tell the stories of these lost worlds and their haunted pasts.
MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED is produced for Science Channel by Like A Shot Productions. For Like A Shot, Henry Scott and Steve Gillham are executive producers. For Science Channel, Neil Laird is executive producer and Andrew Lessner is producer. 
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