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June 24, 2021

Contact - Natalie Munio
Publicity Coordinator
Imagine a modern Pompeii, a time-bomb bigger than 1,000 Hiroshima bombs, or a disaster zone 10 million times the size of Ground Zero. Sounds impossible, but is it? Beneath the Earth's surface, hidden seven miles below America’s most famous National Park, lies the ultimate threat waiting to erupt -- a phenomenon known as a supervolcano. With the potential to become the biggest natural disaster in modern history, this unseen terror has left experts and scientists on edge. In an all new discovery+ special, YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY, viewers will get up close and personal with the ‘supervolcano’’ and the threat it poses to the rest of the world. 
YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY launches Thursday, June 24 on discovery+. In addition to watching YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY on discovery+, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using #YellowstoneSuperVolcano and following @ScienceChannel and @discoveryplus on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.
A long source of wonder and mystery, Yellowstone National Park is epic in scale and is best known for being incredibly geologically active, making the park a threat to be explored. But beyond its obvious beauty is a lurking danger that few know much about. Throughout YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY, experts will explore the history, science and looming threat behind one of the most famous National Parks. 
YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY will give audiences access to leading experts as they explore the global phenomenon of the supervolcano, discovering the impact these natural catastrophes have had in the past and researching the increasing threat they pose for the future in the hopes of saving the world from disaster. 
Additionally, by using cutting-edge CGI, YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY will map the potential global devastation that could be unleashed from beneath the US. By piecing together historical clues with evidence dating back to prehistoric times, as well as the modern science that’s currently used by researchers monitoring the supervolcano’s every move, YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY will detail how this natural phenomenon could occur. Experts across the world give viewers an exclusive look at new, innovative technology that is used to cool the threat from deep beneath the crust of Yellowstone National Park.
Whether it is looking at the history of well-known volcanoes, such as Mt St Helens, or exploring the Iceland Magma Chamber, the only place in the world it’s possible to see under a volcano, YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY is ready to take viewers on a journey that will be sure to create an eruption of thoughts.
YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO: AMERICAN DOOMSDAY is produced for discovery+ and Science Channel by Wildflame Productions Ltd. For Wildflame Productions, Jobim Sampson is director and producer, and Llinos Griffin-Williams and Paul Islwyn Thomas are executive producers. For Science Channel, Lindsey Foster Blumberg is executive producer. 
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Wildflame Productions creates extraordinary content for audiences throughout the world from its base in Cardiff, Wales. This UK nations and regions factual powerhouse works closely with the best creative talent and a wide range of production partners to produce content for the UK and the international markets. Founded in 2015 by Paul Islwyn Thomas, the company has built a strong reputation for producing factual and specialist factual programming for a wide range of broadcasters, including Discovery+, Smithsonian Channel, Science Channel, the full range of BBC channels, Channel 5, S4C and many more. Its programmes also sell around the world. Wildflame prides itself on its excellence in storytelling, bringing great ideas and ambitious concepts and formats to audiences globally. In June 2020, the company returned to being wholly independent, after exiting Flame Media Group.