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The Challenger Disaster

Premieres Saturday, November 16 at 9 PM ET/PT

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Science Channel's first scripted drama, THE CHALLENGER DISASTER, tells the riveting story of Dr. Richard Feynman's instrumental role in uncovering the truth behind the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986. Academy Award-winning actor William Hurt stars as the brilliant physicist and is joined in the film by an all-star cast including Bruce Greenwood, Brian Dennehy, Eve Best, Joanne Whalley and more. Based upon Feynman's book "What Do You Care What Other People Think?", THE CHALLENGER DISASTER chronicles Feynman's efforts to uncover the cause of the Challenger explosion by deftly navigating the many vested interests represented on the Rogers Commission, and his ability to quickly learn everything about the vast complexity of the space shuttle. Feynman's exceptional integrity and use of relentless scientific logic to investigate the secrets of the shuttle disaster helped make the U.S. space program safer.