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Deconstruction: House of the Future

Premieres Wednesday, August 31 at 9 PM

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Who wouldn't want a smart house? A house that uses all of the technology we can muster to keep us healthy, comfortable, entertained and connected, and even saves us money? The Science Channel explores the future of home sweet home, everything from backyard wind-driven turbines that will give you the power to sell your excess electricity back to the utility company, to robots that build houses based on computerized blueprints. Solar panels disguised as roof tiles, household appliances that talk to each other, windows made of a product that is 99.8 percent air, the ability to turn a wall, a couch, or any solid surface-into a powerful, crisp stereo speaker-the possibilities for future household comfort, function and construction are incredible. You don't want to miss this look at the amazing HOUSE OF THE FUTURE, featuring high-tech computer-generated images, hands-on demonstrations and the unique insight of host Steve Hanneman.