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Impossible Engineering

Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT

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How does a cruise ship containing 18 decks and 6,000 guests stay afloat? How was the world’s heaviest man-made structure built? Which construction can hold the most football fans in the world? IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING answers these questions, and more, when it returns for an all new season on Wednesday, March 16 at 9PM.

IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING celebrates engineering wonders ranging from spacecraft, to skyscrapers and jumbo jets, detailing how they were built and how they work. Diving deep to help viewers understand these momentous achievements, we also learn more about the cast of historic trailblazers who both led the way in creating new building techniques and took the risks on untested materials which revolutionized their fields. From the planet’s most stunning state of the art structures to its mightiest modern machines, IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING unveils the past, present and future builds that have and will continue to change our world.

“Impossible Engineering explores the human quest for achievement that drives innovators to tunnel under mountains, build bridges half a mile high and break the sky barrier, in mind blowing detail,” said Marc Etkind, General Manager of Science Channel. “With creativity, engineering and vision, these achievements know no bounds, and Science Channel is at the forefront of documenting these science breakthroughs.”

The season premiere of IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING goes behind-the-scenes of NASA’s most audacious spacecraft build in history- the Orion Spacecraft. Currently being constructed to transport humans further than ever before, it will be the most powerful rocket that has ever left the face of the Earth. The futuristic technology to transport humans to Mars relies on a long history of engineering achievements. From the invention of the long range radio at the beginning of the 20thcentury, to the Apollo modules in the 1960s, this episode will pay homage to the feats that made the Orion Spacecraft possible.

IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING is produced for Science Channel by Twofour Broadcast. For Twofour, the executive producer is Neil Edwards and Series Producer is Gill Hennessey. For Science Channel, Presley Adamson is associate producer.