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Machines: How They Work

Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the machines you use every day? How does an escalator haul hundreds of people up a slope as steep as Mount Fuji?  How can a simple shopping cart carry a load six times its own weight? How does a car wash scrub dirty vehicles clean without leaving a scratch? Using CGI animation, MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK dives deep inside ordinary machines to reveal their extraordinary inner workings. You’ll never look at a shopping cart the same way after MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK premieres on Thursday, Jan. 28 at 10PM only on Science Channel.

Each episode of MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK explores the secret workings of three different machines of all shapes and sizes; from parking meters and coffee machines to 3D printers and padlocks. Immersive footage shot inside the factories where these objects are built and tested, reveals their ingenious mechanics alongside the larger than life characters who design and construct them.

“Viewers are used to seeing how mega machines like airplanes and trains are built, but just as brilliantly designed are the unsung heroes of the modern world- lawnmowers, chainsaws and even the household blender employ complex mechanical ingenuity that we use all the time without a thought as to how they work so well,” said Neil Laird, Executive Producer of MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK. “This show is a celebration of those unseen innovators of the everyday.”