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2-hour Tell All episode airs Monday, January 1 at 8/7c

Pulling back the curtain on the complicated family affair that is teenage pregnancy, the series will look at various stages of each pregnancy and the first few weeks of parenthood with teens who happened to have been raised by teens.

Image for Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces

Brand New Season Slated to Air in Spring 2018

TLC is tapping into the nostalgia of the much-anticipated return of TRADING SPACES by bringing back several of the original cast members.

Image for Family By The Ton

Family By The Ton

New series premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 10/9c

TLC premieres a brand-new series FAMILY BY THE TON following the weight loss journeys of three cousins, Naomi, Drew and Chitoka, who weigh a combined amount of almost 2,000-lbs, with the guidance of Dr. Charles Procter Jr.

Image for My 600-lb Life Season 6

My 600-lb Life Season 6

New season premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 8/7c

With 14 new two-hour episodes telling the most heartbreaking, yet inspiring stories, the series follows those who have found themselves at their breaking point with extreme life-threatening obesity.

Image for My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4

New season premieres Tuesday, January 2 at 8/7c

Whitney Thore is busting a move to a new timeslot for the fourth season of TLC's MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE, premiering Tuesday, January 2 at 8/7c with a supersized, two-hour episode.

Image for Say Yes to the Dress Season 16

Say Yes to the Dress Season 16

New season returns Saturday, January 6 at 8/7c

TLC's long-running series, SAY YES TO THE DRESS, is pulling out all of the stops for its sweet sixteen season, premiering on Saturday, January 6 at 8/7c. Kleinfeld Bridal is busier than ever this season, and consultants - old and new - are in high demand helping brides Say Yes!

Image for Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife

New series premieres Sunday, January 14 at 10/9c

TLC is growing its family tree with more wives, more love and more drama. The network will offer a glimpse into the lives of three unique families in its new, riveting series, SEEKING SISTER WIFE, premiering on Sunday, January 14 at 10/9c.

Image for I AM JAZZ Season 4

I AM JAZZ Season 4

New season premieres Tuesday, January 2 at 10/9c

The series continues to chronicle the journey of transgender teen Jazz as she faces the typical struggles of a junior in high school including issues with dating, body image and social anxiety. She also faces the unique and unexpected challenge of losing 30 pounds to move forward with gender confirmation surgery.

Image for Say Yes: Wedding SOS

Say Yes: Wedding SOS

Style Expert George Kotsiopoulos Serves as Host

What happens when a couple has gotten so comfortable together, they finally decide to tie the knot but don’t recognize themselves in the mirror? It’s time for SAY YES: WEDDING SOS! TLC’s new series premiering on Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT will focus on transforming couples who have let themselves go.