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Image from The Little Couple Season 9

The Little Couple Season 9

Ninth season premieres Tuesday, September 19 at 9/8c

The fan-favorite little family is back in an all-new season of TLC's THE LITTLE COUPLE, premiering Tuesday, September 19 at 9/8c. Audiences get to check back in with Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey as they embark on new and exciting adventures, culminating in one life changing event!

Image for Counting On Season 3

Counting On Season 3

Premieres Monday, September 11 at 9/8c

Monday nights are about to get larger than life. Season three of COUNTING ON premieres Monday, September 11 at 9/8c. COUNTING ON jumps right back in where things left off last season.

Image for The Spouse House

The Spouse House

New episodes air on Sundays at 10/9c

TLC is kicking off Summer by spicing up the wedding and relationship genre with a fresh look at marriage on THE SPOUSE HOUSE, a ten-episode series following fourteen singles who each want nothing more than to find their true love and spend the rest of their lives together.

Image for OutDaughtered Season 2B

OutDaughtered Season 2B

Premieres on Tuesday, July 11 at 9/8c

Parenthood is joyful and exhilarating, but it is also nerve-wracking and exhausting. Ultimately, becoming a mom or dad is one of the most life-changing experiences a person can go through. On Tuesday at 9/8c OUTDAUGHTERED will unveil how the Busby family is coping with the quintuplets entering their terrible twos.

Image for Rattled Season 2

Rattled Season 2

New Season Premieres Tuesday, July 11 at 10/9c

Parenthood is joyful and exhilarating, but it is also nerve-wracking and exhausting. RATTLED will return to introduce some expecting parents with unexpected levels of drama.

Image for 90 Day Fiance:Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance:Happily Ever After?

New episodes air Sundays at 8/7c

The second season of 90 DAY FIANCE: HAPPILY EVER AFTER? returns with five couples from previous seasons of the original series who gave up everything for a shot at love and the American dream.

Image for 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

The Spinoff Premieres Sunday, August 6th at 9/8c

90 DAY FIANCE: BEFORE THE 90 DAYS will chronicle the time before the K-1 Visa process begins, from meeting in person for the first time to traveling to a foreign country they barely know or understand. The series follows the stories of Americans who believe they've met the love of their lives, a future husband or wife...

Image for Meet The Putmans

Meet The Putmans

Meet the Putmans Premieres Monday, September 11

TLC's MEET THE PUTMANS returns for a full season following the captivating one-off special that premiered earlier this year. Meet the Putmans premieres Monday, September 11 at 10/9c.

Image for Hodges Half Dozen

Hodges Half Dozen

Premiering in Fall 2017, TLC Has a New Family with Mega M...

Over the past two weeks, two-year-old big brother Rowan was united with his new sister and brothers to form the HODGES HALF DOZEN. The quintuplets Teagan, Connell, Liam, Nolan and Dillon (in birth order) finally joined their mom, Liz, dad, Daniel, and brother at home in Temple, Texas.

Image for Cake Boss Season 9

Cake Boss Season 9

Returns Saturday, September 30 at 8/7c with Early Premie...

Buddy is back and ready to get his bake on in returning episodes of TLC's CAKE BOSS, with early premieres of five new episodes becoming available on TLC GO this Friday, August 18 and an additional five episodes on Friday, August 25. Plus, fans can binge watch from the beginning as over 160 episodes from the CAKE BOSS ...

Image for My Giant Life Season 3

My Giant Life Season 3

Premieres Sunday, September 17th at 10/9c.

Standing inches and sometimes feet above others can give a person a different perspective on life, but that doesn't always mean life won't have challenges that go over their head! Step into the shoes of six women who are seemingly too tall for the average-sized world, standing at 6 feet 6 inches and above.