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Image from Homes Under The Hammer 16

Homes Under The Hammer 16

Premieres Weekdays from 1st April, 8.00pm

  More and more people are heading to auctions to buy their Homes Under the Hammer.  Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts take you through the success stories as well as the disasters that can take place when buying your house at auction. We take a tour through distressed homes that pose an enormous ...

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Untold Stories of the ER 8

Premieres Tuesdays from the 6th May, 10.00pm

  UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER features the dramatic stories of reallife trips to the emergency room, as told by patients and doctors. Unusual, touching, humorous and life-changing each story is told with full medical accuracy and reenacted events. This unique series is a testament to medical heroes following ...

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