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Image from Untold Stories of the ER 8

Untold Stories of the ER 8

Premieres Tuesdays from the 6th May, 10.00pm

  UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER features the dramatic stories of reallife trips to the emergency room, as told by patients and doctors. Unusual, touching, humorous and life-changing each story is told with full medical accuracy and reenacted events. This unique series is a testament to medical heroes following stor...

Image for 19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting

Premieres Fridays from 6th June, 10.00pm

The Duggars have dreams as big as their family and in the new series of 19 KIDS AND COUNTING they are making them happen! Jim Bob and Michelle are starting a new business and the whole family is getting involved to plan the first-ever Duggar Family Flea Market. But when their best friends, the Bates, invite ...

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