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Image from 90 Day Fiancé Season 2

90 Day Fiancé Season 2

New season premieres Sunday, October 19 at 9PM ET/PT

In the second season of the TLC series 90 DAY FIANCÉ, six new couples decide to take a chance on love and bring their spouses-to-be stateside. Using a special K-1 visa, the couples are required to get married at the end of only 90 days... or else return to their home countries.

Image for Say Yes to the Dress 12

Say Yes to the Dress 12

New episodes air Fridays beginning at 9PM ET/PT

Now in its 12th season, TLC's longest running primetime series continues to feature brides from all over the country that visit the salon along with their entourages, and emotional back stories.

Image for 19 Kids & Counting: Season 8

19 Kids & Counting: Season 8

New episodes air Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT

Following Jill and Derick's exciting engagement finale on earlier this summer, the new season picks up with the happy couple planning for their big day. Jim Bob and Michelle start the emotional journey of giving away their first daughter in marriage as Jill and Derick plan their rapidly approaching nuptials.

Image for Something Borrowed, Something New Season 3

Something Borrowed, Something Ne...

New episodes air Fridays beginning at 10PM ET/PT

Each week on TLC’s hit wedding series SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING NEW, hosts Kelly Nishimoto & Sam Saboura help brides make a life “altering” decision for their wedding day – wear a re-imagined version of their mother’s wedding gown, or break from tradition with a brand-new dress of their dreams.

Image for Breaking Amish 3

Breaking Amish 3

New episodes premiere Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT

TLC's popular BREAKING AMISH series is back and follows a fresh group of young men and women as they leave their conservative, rural communities behind for a chance to live in New York and fully experience English life. The new cast of five heads to Brooklyn, N.Y., to explore life beyond their Amish culture.