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Image from Little People Big World Fall 2014 Season

Little People Big World Fall 201...

New episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT

When we last visited the Roloffs on their farm in Oregon, Matt and Amy announced their separation. The new season follows as everyone learns to adapt to these new dynamics and move forward with each of their lives.

Image for Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

New series airs Sundays at 10PM ET/PT

A wife and mother from Upstate New York, Rosie Cepero possesses a special gift that allows her to see, hear and converse with guardian angels. This 12-part series follows Rosie as she connects with angels and conveys critical--and often life-changing--messages to the people they protect on earth.

Image for 19 Kids & Counting: Season 8

19 Kids & Counting: Season 8

New episodes air Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT

Following Jill and Derick's exciting engagement finale on earlier this summer, the new season picks up with the happy couple planning for their big day. Jim Bob and Michelle start the emotional journey of giving away their first daughter in marriage as Jill and Derick plan their rapidly approaching nuptials.

Image for Breaking Amish 3

Breaking Amish 3

New episodes premiere Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT

TLC's popular BREAKING AMISH series is back and follows a fresh group of young men and women as they leave their conservative, rural communities behind for a chance to live in New York and fully experience English life. The new cast of five heads to Brooklyn, N.Y., to explore life beyond their Amish culture.

Image for Long Island Medium Season 5

Long Island Medium Season 5

New episodes air Sundays at 9PM ET/PT

Throughout the entire season, viewers will have their very own chance to win a reading from Theresa and get the surprise of their lives as she visits the lucky winner at home live on the air. The new season features even more powerful group, personal, and spontaneous readings, including a moving session with veterans.

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Preaching Alabama

New series premieres Tuesday, October 7 at 10PM ET/PT

A family of unconventional preachers, the Speegles are leaving their life in Florida behind to open a brand new church in their hometown of Madison, Alabama, with a very ambitious goal in mind: spread love and acceptance no matter your background.

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Say Yes to the Dress 12

New season premieres Friday, October 10 at 9PM ET/PT

Now in its 12th season, TLC's longest running primetime series will premiere with a first-ever hour-long episode and features personal trainer and television personality Jillian Michaels. Throughout the new season, brides continue to visit the salon from all over the country with their entourages and emotional backsto...

Image for Gypsy Sisters 2

Gypsy Sisters 2

Season finale airs Thursday, October 2 at 9PMET/PT

The GYPSY SISTERS are back and still over-the-top in a two-hour season premiere on TLC. The new season chronicles more Stanley family drama as they navigate breakups, makeups and road trips, giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look at the jaw-dropping ways of the infamous gypsy clan.

Image for Four Weddings (Season 5)

Four Weddings (Season 5)

Season finale airs Friday, October 3 starting at 9PM ET/PT

For the modern bride, wedding season is a spectator sport, and the competition heats up when FOUR WEDDINGS returns to TLC with brand new batch of brides ready to defend - and judge - every wedding decision.