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Photo for Anti-Terror Intel

Anti-Terror Intel

For the first time ever, undercover intelligence agents step out of the shadows to share never before heard stories of how they helped prevent catastrophic attacks against America.


Photo for Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds

BEAUTIFUL MINDS highlights these super-talented Savants through intimate encounters with the Savants and one-on-one interviews with world renowned scientists.

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Big Cat Diary


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The Body Machine

Discovery Science's 2-part special THE BODY MACHINE goes beneath the surface and gets to the core of an unbelievably complex piece of machinery - the human body.


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Cheat Sheet


Photo for Combat Tech

Combat Tech

COMBAT TECH takes an in-depth look at the greatest military engineering accomplishments, revealing how they work, how they came to be, and how they made a difference in the theater of war.

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Cosmic Collisions



Photo for Dean of Invention

Dean of Invention

New advancements in prosthetics are changing the definition of what it means to be disabled. Are we entering an era of bionic humans, when disabled people become hyper-abled?

Photo for Dino Lab

Dino Lab



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Heavy Metal Taskforce

HEAVY METAL TASK FORCE drills deep underground, slashes through ice, and soars above the clouds while exploring some of the worlds toughest and biggest machines


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The Indestructibles


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Industrial Junkies



Photo for JUNKies


Jimmy's Junk is a yard which has all the parts needed for inventions to be created. Watch as Jimmy collects accessories and parts and makes various creations such as the Regurgitator, which appears to be a jet-propelled merry-go-round.


Photo for Last Flight of The Shuttle Mission

Last Flight of The Shuttle Mission

On July 8, 2011, history will be made as the shuttle Atlantis lifts off on the final flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. Thirty years after the first shuttle launch, the eyes of the world again will be on Kennedy Space Center as an unforgettable period of science, wonder and imagination comes to an end.


Photo for Men in White

Men in White

MEN IN WHITE follows three innovative scientists who take on fascinating pleas for help from real people who are at their absolute wits' end, providing them with solutions and respite from the problems that plague them.

Photo for Moon Machines

Moon Machines

Forty years on from mankind's first steps on the lunar surface, reaching the Moon is still a metaphor for an impossible journey. In just eight years 400,000 people across America came together to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. But whilst the astron


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The New Inventors 5 Special

MARVEL AT THE ART OF INVENTION BY UNSUNG HEROES OF DESIGN AND INNOVATION ON THE NEW INVENTORS SEASON 5 SPECIAL With over a hundred "I-Should-Have-Thought-Of-That" inventions to choose from, picking a winner for the Grand Finals of THE NEW INVENTORS is no walk in the park. Join host James O'Loghlin and a venerable panel…


Photo for Oddities




Photo for Prototype This!

Prototype This!

Are you still waiting for the Jetson’s lifestyle to arrive? Take heart – the future is now! Go straight to the drawing board and through the design process to experience firsthand as inventions come to life, featuring one-of-a kind prototypes of tomorrow for people to experience today. PROTOTYPE THIS! premieres every We…


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From deep inside the sewers of Vienna—site of groundbreaking quantum teleportation experiments (and location of the 1949 thriller The Third Man¬)—to cutting-edge quantum computing labs, to voyages into the minds of the world’s brightest thinkers, including renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking, The Quantum Tamers: R


Photo for Robocars


The show follows several teams of top engineers from around the U.S. as they struggle to compete for a monetary grand prize, to build the first vehicle able to drive itself through an urban obstacle course not designed for human driving - a mock city with traffic circles, disabled vehicles, cinder block and ridiculous dr


Photo for Sci Fi Science 2

Sci Fi Science 2

Assess your inner geek-self as Dr Michio Kaku takes us on a journey to the what-ifs and possibilities of the earth’s (and universe’s) futures.

Photo for Sci-Trek


Come along on a journey of intrigue and wonder, as SCI-TREK journeys into the future and beyond.

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Secrets to Survival

Hosted by professional stuntman and champion sky boarder Troy Hartman, each episode of SECRETS TO SURVIVAL features a potentially deadly situation where the individuals are forced to draw on every last ounce of energy and their wits to survive. How did they decide what to do? SECRETS TO SURVIVAL premieres on Discovery S…

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Showdown: Air Combat



Photo for Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 2

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 2

Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole 2 will explore the deepest mysteries of existence - the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity.

Photo for Top Ten

Top Ten



Photo for Weaponology 2

Weaponology 2

Discover the great leaps that designers have made in military technology over the last centuries in WEAPONOLOGY.

Photo for What's That About? 3

What's That About? 3

WHAT’S THAT ABOUT? returns to uncover more remote locations, top secret occupations, and things that few people ever get to experience. Ever wonder what goes on in the hidden workings of a power plant? How exactly are large-scale commercial fishing operations run? Find out WHAT’S THAT ABOUT? every Friday at 1530 hrs (3:…

Photo for When Aliens Attack

When Aliens Attack

When Aliens Attack explores the haunting questions that have been raised by some of the top researchers, scientists and government agencies: What will happen if Earth was invaded by aliens?