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Image from Jamie's Food Escapes

Jamie's Food Escapes

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Sept 9; North Asia on Aug 16

From truffle and boar hunting in the French Pyrenees to spear fishing off an island near Athens, Jamie attempts to uncover the freshest, most authentic dishes. Join the intrepid chef as he discovers the treasured individuality of world cuisines on JAMIE'S FOOD ESCAPES.

Image for Rocco Gets Real

Rocco Gets Real

Premieres: Southeast Asia on July 28; North Asia on Sept 1

This month, on Discovery Travel & Living's brand new series ROCCO GETS REAL, Rocco dishes out pointers on some of our favourite comfort foods. Rescuing eager but often clueless-in-the-kitchen individuals, catch the award-winning chef as he enlightens on a wide variety of everyday cooking dilemmas on ROCCO GETS REAL.

Image for Glutton for Punishment 4

Glutton for Punishment 4

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Aug 4; North Asia on Sept 7; A…

True to form, this GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT is back for more! From cracking coconuts in Hawaii to taking on sushi masters in San Diego, season four of GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT sees culinary bon vivant Bob continuing to break rank in a bid to beat masters at their own game with just five short days of training.

Image for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 3

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern …

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Jul 20; North Asia on Aug 6

Revealing a side of dining out that will make you think twice before going with the "house special", Andrew maxes out his street credentials to literally unearth the world's most outlandish cuisine. Taking you on a journey from Asia to South America, the third season of BIZARRE FOODS WITH ANDREW ZIMMERN premieres this …

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