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After 12


Photo for America's Worst Tattoos

America's Worst Tattoos

In this two-part special, tattoo victims from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a tattoo transformation.

Photo for An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List

An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List

Everyone's favorite reluctant traveler, Karl Pilkington, returns to the departure lounge in An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List.

Photo for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 4

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 4

Follow the travels of best-selling author and reluctant food celebrity Anthony Bourdain as he continues his search for the unique local cuisine that flavours the world’s cultures. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: NO RESERVATIONS premieres every Wednesday at 2100 hrs (9:00 pm SIN/HK), starting January 7.

Photo for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 5

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 5

Addicted to local flavours, best-selling author and reluctant food celebrity Anthony Bourdain returns to Discovery Travel & Living with Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 5. Follow Tony as he veers off tourist traps and placates his insatiable curiosity for unique local cuisine.


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BBQ Pit Masters


Photo for Best Food Ever

Best Food Ever

Narrated by John Goodman, TLC's BEST FOOD EVER takes viewers on a coast-to-coast journey to uncover the best places to satisfy any craving.

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Bizarre Foods


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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 3

Revealing a side of dining out that will make you think twice before going with the "house special", Andrew maxes out his street credentials to literally unearth the world's most outlandish cuisine.

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Bizarre Worlds


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Bobby Chinn Cooks Asia

GET READY TO WOK AND ROLL THIS AUGUST AS BOBBY CHINN COOKS ASIA - Brand new series brings you the best of Asian cuisine - Bobby style - Unable to contain his larger than life persona, Bobby Chinn takes to an outdoor studio kitchen in his brand new series BOBBY CHINN COOKS ASIA. Bobby approaches Asian recipes with his …

Photo for Bridget's Sexiest Beaches

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches

Ex-Playboy bunny Bridget Marquardt ventures out of the Playboy Mansion in search of sun, sea, and sand on Discovery Travel & Living's new series, BRIDGET'S SEXIEST BEACHES.


Photo for Cake Boss

Cake Boss

Witness the sugar-charged drama Buddy and his big Italian family experience as they manage their booming business at Carlo's City Hall Bake in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Photo for Cake Boss 2

Cake Boss 2

The second season of CAKE BOSS kicks off this month, promising more off-the-wall confectionaries and jaw-dropping cakes - and a good measure of family drama!

Photo for Cake Boss 4

Cake Boss 4

The CAKE BOSS is back this November on TLC with more out-of-this-world cakes and upsized family drama.

Photo for Candy Queen

Candy Queen

Candy Queen brings viewers into the deliciously chaotic world of Hollywood's favorite candy stylist Jackie Sorkin. Watch as Jackie struggles to balance her growing business and family all while trying to build one of a kind candy creations that make any p

Photo for Carson Nation

Carson Nation

Follow Carson Kressley as he takes his sense of fashion and style – and larger-than-life personality – across America to transform deserving individuals one town at a time, on CARSON NATION.


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Dhani Tackles the Globe

Come along on an eye-opening adventure as DHANI TACKLES THE GLOBE and discovers a common ground in the universal love of sports.

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Dhani Tackles The Globe 2


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Discovery Atlas



Photo for Eccentriks


Every Saturday, at 22:00 and 22:30 (Taipei/Manila Time). Discovery Travel & Adventure Channel takes viewers on a global search for the most unconventional experiences on the planet with the premiere series ECCENTRIKS. Insect eaters, party lovers, snake charmers, crazy inventors, noteworthy sportsmen and more display the…

Photo for Everyday Exotic

Everyday Exotic

Pasta, stir-fries, last night's leftovers. These are the sort of dishes some of us come home to everyday. Dispel that situation with EVERYDAY EXOTIC as host Roger Mooking injects an exotic twist into everyday meals with one simple ingredient.

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Everyday Exotic 2


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Extreme 2


Photo for Extreme Couponing (Season 1)

Extreme Couponing (Season 1)

Extreme Couponing profiles four shopaholics who use coupons to save thousands of dollars and amass huge stockpiles of goods.These shoppers go to the extremes, dumpster diving for coupons and spending hours a day searching the internet for great deals.

Photo for Extreme Couponing 2

Extreme Couponing 2

Their aim is to get as much as possible for as little as possible, use any means necessary to secure a bargain, and to cash in on some serious savings.


Photo for Fabulous Cakes

Fabulous Cakes

FABULOUS CAKES is a behind-the-scenes look at the country's top bakeries. In each episode, we visit a different area of the country to witness the creation of three extraordinary custom cakes.

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Forbes Luxe 11


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Fun Asia 3

Join vivacious travel host Janet Hsieh on the third season of FUN ASIA as she travels around the region to bring you the best of what it has to offer and reveals gems that even most locals aren't aware of.


Photo for Getaway 2007

Getaway 2007

Grab the best seat in the house and get set to explore every corner of the globe with the Getaway team, as they give you the low down on the best travel destinations worldwide. Premiere episodes of GETAWAY air every Tuesday at 2200 hrs (10:00 pm SIN/HK), beginning January 20.

Photo for Globe Trekker 13

Globe Trekker 13

Ian, Megan and Justine - names that need no introduction on Discovery Travel & Living - return, along with other enigmatic hosts, to take you on journeys through the world's most unforgettable destinations, cultures, and cuisines on the latest season of GLOBE TREKKER.

Photo for Globe Trekker 14

Globe Trekker 14

Synonymous with carefree, out-of-the-ordinary travel, GLOBE TREKKER explores some of the world's most unique sites and cities, and discovers time-honoured traditions.

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Glutton for Punishment 4

From cracking coconuts in Hawaii to taking on sushi masters in San Diego, season four of GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT sees culinary bon vivant Bob continuing to break rank in a bid to beat masters at their own game with just five short days of training.


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Ian Wright: Out Of Bounds


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Invite Mr Wright

TLC presents a brand new series, INVITE MR WRIGHT, which takes an off-beat and humourous look at travel as locals warmly welcome Ian into their lives.


Photo for Jamie Cooks Summer

Jamie Cooks Summer

In this one-hour special, Jamie Oliver introduces some amazing, summer dishes to make al fresco food a treat. From spitroasting meat over a fire to smoking fish in an old bucket and making cake in the garden without an oven, Jamie brings back the basics with some real 'Huckleberry Finn-style' cooking.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution


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Jamie's 30 Minute Meals


Photo for Jamie's American Roadtrip

Jamie's American Roadtrip

After raging a school dinner revolution back in the UK and going on a great Italian escape, Jamie Oliver is off on a new culinary journey to the USA. Discovery Travel & Living's brand new series, JAMIE'S AMERICAN ROADTRIP takes Jamie on an unpredictable adventure as he revisits the social issues and diverse cultures of …

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Jamie's Food Escapes

In Discovery Travel & Living's new series JAMIE'S FOOD ESCAPES, Jamie meets local families, cooks and farmers, tastes delicious indigenous dishes and gets inspired to cook up his own.

Photo for Jamie's Ministry of Food

Jamie's Ministry of Food

With obesity rates climbing and busy lives making people turn to fast food, Jamie hopes that he can change the way people think about home cooking. He sets out to inspire kitchen phobics who think that they can’t cook, while educating people about the benefits of healthy eating. JAMIE’S MINISTRY OF FOOD premieres every …

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Jamie’s Family Christmas

This Christmas, Jamie Oliver invites you into his home in Essex, where he will reveal the secrets for a stress-free celebration.

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Jon and Kate plus 8 5



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Kell on Earth

The fashion industry is a battlefield for Kelly and her team as they take on a take-no-prisoners attitude when dealing with last-minute hiccups and crisis management on TLC's brand new series KELL ON EARTH.

Photo for King of the Crown

King of the Crown

Find out what it takes to be a queen on KING OF THE CROWN

Photo for Kitchen Boss

Kitchen Boss

Buddy loves baking - but he also loves cooking! In KITCHEN BOSS, Buddy takes viewers into his kitchen, where he shares his family’s favourite Italian dishes.


Photo for LA Ink 3

LA Ink 3

Kat finally returns to Los Angeles after being away for months on her book tour - the longest she's been away from LA INK. This season sees Kat facing the challenges of replacing her top artists, and keeping the peace while running a business.

Photo for LA Ink 4

LA Ink 4


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London Ink 2

The London tattoo studio opens its doors again, with bigger and better premises and more celebrity clients queuing up to be inked. From comforting clients with low pain thresholds to designing unique images to commemorate life events, the four tattoo artists at the studio practice their trade with skill and professional…

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Lonely Planet’s Best in China

From motorcycle adventures to seasonal festivals, a team of Lonely Planet travellers will road-test everything before giving their seal of approval of what is BEST IN CHINA.


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Maggie's Magic Menu


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Man vs. Food

Follow Adam on MAN VS. FOOD as he sets out across America in search of the best places to do some serious indulging, while taking on each city's toughest food challenge for a truly immersive travel experience.

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Man vs. Food 2


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Man Vs. Food 3


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Man vs. Food Presents


Photo for Man vs. Food: Carnivore Chronicles

Man vs. Food: Carnivore Chronicles

Devour the newest series with Adam Richman, MAN V FOOD: THE CARNIVORE CHRONICLES, where he takes a trip down to his favorite meat-centric, chow-down Meccas, beefed up with brand new commentary and juicy, never-before-seen footage.

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Marco Pierre White: The Chopping Block

Eight couples risk landing on Marco Pierre White's chopping block as they compete in a culinary competition series.

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Marco's Great British Feast

From traditional classics to long forgotten dishes, world-renowned chef Marco Pierre White is on a mission to rediscover all that is great about British food.

Photo for Mission Menu

Mission Menu

Mission Menu is a real life doc series that follows three accomplished Executive Chefs as they combine their skills to makeover menus for restaurants in and around New York City.

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Models of the Runway


Photo for Money On The Menu

Money On The Menu

Mischievous host Nick Stevens brings viewers inside Money on the Menu, TLC's first game show. In each episode, unsuspecting delivery patrons are treated to the shock of a lifetime when our host-posing as a food deliveryman-knocks on their door. They soon realize that not only has he brought the food, but he has also brou

Photo for My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Through unprecedented access, viewers are taken inside the mysterious world of American gypsies.

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My Family Feast

Join Chef Sean Connolly as he cooks with 13 different families and their friends in a celebration of food, family, and the stories of life


Photo for Nigella's Christmas Kitchen 2

Nigella's Christmas Kitchen 2

Nigella Lawson shares her secrets for a magical, stress-free Christmas as she works her culinary magic in the new season of NIGELLA'S CHRISTMAS KITCHEN.

Photo for NY Ink

NY Ink


Photo for NY Ink 2

NY Ink 2

Ami James and the rest of the Wooster Street Social Club crew are back. After all the struggles of getting the New York City shop up and running over the past year, WSSC is on the tattoo map and business is booming.


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Oliver's Twist

Catch the spunky chef as he dishes out culinary advice and great tips, as he grills, grinds, and roasts away in true Jamie style.


Photo for Passage to Malaysia

Passage to Malaysia

In PASSAGE TO MALAYSIA: ACROSS THE SEAS, join Denise on a maritime tour of the beautiful, historical seas and straits that surround Malaysia. Explore the battles, trade and adventures that occurred in these tropical waters. PASSAGE TO MALAYSIA: ACROSS THE SEAS premieres on Monday, April 20 at 2100 hrs (9:00 pm SIN/HK).

No Image Available

Passage to Malaysia ep7/Merdeka Press Release (MYS Only)

Shaped by adventurous explorers and proud natives throughout her colourful past, Malaysia is a land teeming with experiences to be savoured. Beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, hospitable people and delicious food are among the sights and wonders that await the curious traveler. Hosts Denise Keller and Jamie Aditya wi

Photo for PhotoXplorers


From abandoned sanatoriums to forgotten castles, the PHOTOXPLORERS roam the decaying relics and artistically weave stories and reconstruct the human connections surrounding these neglected locations.

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Piers Morgan on


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Places We Go 2


No Image Available

Places We Go with Jennifer Adams

Join host Jenifer Adams on a thrilling trip to far-flung places as she explores the many different cultures of the world. Travel to some of the world’s most exotic and remote places, from the jungles of Africa to the frontiers of Antarctica. Premiere episodes of PLACES WE GO air every Monday at 2100 hrs (9:00 pm SIN/HK)…

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Poh's Kitchen


Photo for Project Runway 5

Project Runway 5

Emmy-nominated series PROJECT RUNWAY returns with a new crop of sixteen up-and-coming designers for a fifth season. Returning to the runway, host and supermodel Heidi Klum heads a panel of industry luminaries, including judges, top fashion designer Michael Kors, and fashion expert Nina Garcia, as they decide who’s “in” …


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Raising The Bar: Willie's Chocolate Revolution

Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back - and with a vengeance! Don't miss the endorphin-charged battle as Willie continues his mission to produce the finest chocolate in the world and convert the public to the best quality confectionery on RAISING THE BAR: WILLIE'S CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION.

Photo for The Relic Hunter With Ian Grant

The Relic Hunter With Ian Grant

Embark on an adventure across the globe with Ian Grant on The Relic Hunter With Ian Grant, as he goes in search of unusual relics used by different cultures.

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Renovate My Wardrobe


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Restaurant Bobby Chinn

On TLC’s six-part series RESTAURANT BOBBY CHINN, celebrity chef Bobby Chinn takes on his greatest challenge yet – transforming a 465-metre square space in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam into a world class restaurant.

Photo for Restorer Guy

Restorer Guy

Home restoration expert Gable Painter is the RESTORER GUY with only one thing on his mind: to restore historic homes across America to their former beauty, one house at a time.

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Rocco Gets Real

If food is the way to a person's heart, let celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito show you the shortcut to impressing your guests.


No Image Available

Samantha Brown's Asia


No Image Available

Samantha Brown's Passport to Great Weekends 2

Doing what she does best, Samantha takes us to her favourite destinations for short trips and provides invaluable tips that make planning a weekend getaway a real breeze. Tune in to SAMANTHA BROWN'S GREAT WEEKENDS for a definitive guide to the very best in weekend escapades.

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Say Yes to the Dress


No Image Available

Sea Nation

Megan McCormick, along with her family and friends, uproot themselves from New York City to live on the sea, exploring the harsh realities and beautiful rewards of taking a leap into the unfamiliar.

Photo for Stager Invasion

Stager Invasion

First impressions count. Just ask Lisa Lynch - an expert in "home staging," a popular practice of transforming the appearance of a home to increase its appeal to prospective buyers.

Photo for Super Swank

Super Swank

Welcome to the world of super luxury, where money is no barrier and every whim is indulged, from mind-blowing luxury spa resorts to opulent homes and vehicles. Ride in high-end recreational vehicles, step aboard multi-million dollar yachts, live in five-star hotels, holiday on the most exclusive beaches, eat the best fo…


Photo for Three Sheets 3

Three Sheets 3

Zane Lamprey is back for more drinking adventures around the world, travelling through Europe, Asia and America. Want to sample cachaca, Brazil’s national drink? How about a hangover cure by fire cupping? Want to visit the famous Carlsberg brewery in Denmark? Discover fascinating facts and fun times with Zane as he drin…

Photo for Trading Spaces 8

Trading Spaces 8

The popular TRADING SPACES is back for its eighth season, giving more people a chance to make over a room in their vision. However, the room that they are redesigning isn’t their own. At the end of their efforts, will the owner of the room like what they have done? And will they like what has been done to their own room…

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Travel & Adventure - Asia

Discovery Travel & Adventure Channel is a destination network for people with an urge to explore and a need to experience the extraordinary. Dynamic hosts, nonstop action and the world's most exotic locales combine to make this channel an ideal choice for both armchair globetrotters and adrenaline seekers alike.


Photo for Ultimate Cake Off 2

Ultimate Cake Off 2

Ultimate Cake Off returns for another delicious series with host George Duran, as a new team of cake artists go head to head in competition to build the ultimate cake.


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Vegas Revolution



Photo for Wedded to Perfection

Wedded to Perfection

Catch Jung Lee and Josh Brooks as they working together to create some of the most lavish and elaborate weddings and parties in Manhattan

Photo for Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory

Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory

FOLLOW WILLIE HARCOURT-COOZE AS HE CHASES HIS WONKY CHOCOLATE DREAMS ON DISCOVERY TRAVEL & LIVING Willie Harcourt-Cooze is on a mission to produce the best chocolate in the world - from bean to bar, and beyond. He also aims to be one of the first Brits since Cadbury to grow and produce his own chocolate. However, h…

Photo for World Café: Asia 2

World Café: Asia 2

Maverick chef Bobby Chinn is back for his second season of WORLD CAFÉ ASIA, making more discoveries about local cuisines and people from all across the region. Join Bobby as he travels across Asia, exploring the best food and cultural experiences that each country has to offer. WORLD CAFÉ ASIA 2 premieres every Monday a…

Photo for World Café: Middle East

World Café: Middle East

Bobby Chinn travels to destinations across the Middle East and attempts to cook his way through a myriad of ancient but sophisticated recipes, on WORLD CAFE: MIDDLE EAST