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Jamie Aditya

Of Indonesian-Australian heritage and hailing from Canberra, Australia, Jamie started his showbiz career playing in a band for four years in Sydney. One day, whilst in Bali visiting his parents, he caught an MTV program hosted by fellow Indonesian-Australian Nadya Hutagalung, and that's when he decided to give TV hosting a shot. He then went on to become one of MTV's most popular VJs. As a presenter for MTV, Jamie won many accolades, including Entertainment Presenter/ Performer of the year at the 2000 Asian TV Awards.

From band boy to award-winning VJ, Jamie Aditya continued to expand his horizons by hosting 2 seasons of Discovery Travel & Living's series Sync Or Swim, a unique travel series with a reality twist. In the series, Jamie took on the most extreme music and dance performance activities in the world and, along the way, explored the land and cultures into which he is thrown into.

Today, the 37-year old retains much of his youthful charm, and is well known for his friendliness, humour, side-splitting impressions and goofball expressions.