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Beetle Crisis

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 7 at 9:30 pm; Australasia on Oct 7 at 4:30 pm


For over sixty years the VW Beetle has held the record as the most popular car ever sold. With the highest number of enthusiasts scattered across the world, Beetle restorations and modifications are endless with obsessive Beetle owners willing to spend thousands of dollars to restore or modify their pride and joy. Joining the Beetle-wagon, Discovery Turbo's new series BEETLE CRISIS follows VW restoration experts Steve Rea and Rich Henwood as they take on their most ambitious project yet - to turn a dilapidated 1971 VW Beetle which they bought for just £150 into the ultimate show-stealer.

The Beetle bug bit Steve in his early years. When boys at school were playing with garden beetles, Steve found himself fascinated by a larger variety - VW Beetles. Not only was his first car a Beetle (he now owns several) but on his wedding day, the wedding car was a Beetle, the bridesmaids arrived in a Volkswagen camper van and the wedding cake was of course in the shape of a Beetle!  

On Discovery Turbo's BEETLE CRISIS, Steve and his friend, Rich embark on a mission to transform a £150 1971 Volkswagen Beetle into an impressive work of functional art. Until now, the car has been rotting in the back garden and the intrepid pair is faced with the challenge of turning this wreck into a custom classic Bug within a budget of just £5,000.

Working in the garage of Steve's home in Coventry, the duo give themselves six months to finish the makeover - including providing a fully restored body, modernised chassis, state-of-the-art interior and revved up engine - sourcing parts from as far away as the United States. Can they do it? How will they do it? Follow Steve and Rich as they work their magic and attempt to take the VW Beetle from banger to blinger on BEETLE CRISIS.

BEETLE CRISIS episode descriptions:

Episode 1
Obsessed with all things Volkswagen, Steve and Rich start an ambitious project - transforming a wrecked 1971 Beetle into a custom classic Bug.

Episode 2
With Rich on honeymoon, Steve struggles to get the Beetle body shell ready for the fabricators. The boys also get the engine built, but will it start?

Episode 3
The bug is back from the restorers with some cool custom touches, plus after a week of prep on the bodywork, it's time for the paint.

Episode 4
With time running out, Steve and Rich need some help getting their bug back on the road, but some parts don't seem to fit as well as they'd hoped.

Episode 5
Steve and Rich have only four weeks to get the Bug ready for the Brighton Breeze event, but with the interior still to fit, can they make it in time?