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What do you get when a leading military test pilot and amateur small craft enthusiast join forces and take to the skies? Flying the world’s most significant planes and retracing the flight paths of the country’s pioneers, Air Dogs is a high-flying, high-octane aviation adventure. Just how do you mummify a fighter jet?

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Airdogs 2


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American Chopper Snr Vs Jnr


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American Icon: The Hot Rod



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Beetle Crisis

Joining the Beetle-wagon, Discovery Turbo's new series BEETLE CRISIS follows VW restoration experts Steve Rea and Rich Henwood as they take on their most ambitious project yet - to turn a dilapidated 1971 VW Beetle which they bought for just £150 into the ultimate show-stealer.


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Chasing Classic Cars 4


Photo for Chop Shop 2

Chop Shop 2

Designer Leepu Awlia - Bangladesh's answer to Enzo Ferrari - and his cockney partner and master mechanic Bernie Fineman, re-open their garage for a brand new season of CHOP SHOPon Discovery Turbo.

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Classic British Aircraft

Celebrating inspirational British aircraft and profiling the passionate enthusiasts who keep these planes flying, CLASSIC BRITISH AIRCRAFT pays tribute to the unique design qualities, highly distinctive styling and brilliant innovation of these machines. Episodes air every Monday at 2130 hrs (9:30 pm SIN/HK) beginning J…


Photo for Desert Car Kings

Desert Car Kings

DESERT CAR KINGS profiles Ron and Jason McClure and their family business — Desert Valley Auto Parts where they restore these classic American cars to their original glory and get them back on the road.


Photo for The Garage 3

The Garage 3

The latest season of THE GARAGE promises new adventures and stories bound together by the charismatic and sometimes oh-so-scary Scotsman's unique management style and brand of customer service.


Photo for Hot Rod TV

Hot Rod TV

Turn the key. Hear the rumble. Strap yourself in for a great ride. HOT ROD magazine is the second largest automotive publication in the world. Just like the magazine, HOT ROD TV features the world's top events, designers and hot rods. Shelby Cobra, 1969 Camaro, 1932 Ford Coupe, Hemi Cuda, The General Lee, Eleanor. Th


Photo for Million Dollar Collections

Million Dollar Collections

For a select few, success in the business world is a territory that has been long conquered. Instead of sitting idle, these men embarked on a new challenge to scour the earth for pieces of modern history to add to their MILLION DOLLAR COLLECTIONS.

Photo for Mystery Cars

Mystery Cars

In the 1950's, America had broken free from the shackles of wartime economics. It was walking with the swagger of a Nation that had the world by the tail. Scientists had harnessed nuclear energy. Jetpropelled airplanes were breaking speed records... and the race to space was on!


Photo for Pit Crews 2

Pit Crews 2

Discovery Turbo takes you inside the world of the PIT CREWS to meet these unsung heroes - the ones who keep a racing machine on the oval, a hydroplane on the water, and a motorcycle on the track.


Photo for Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat

A boat with amazing horsepower, unbelievable torque and 50 gallons of jet fuel? If you can dream it, the Ultra Boats team can build it. With owner and chief designer John West at the helm, Ultra Boats builds the ultimate custom boats. ROCK THE BOAT follows West and his crew as they craft some of the toughest, most awe-i…


Photo for South Beach Classics

South Beach Classics

Ted and Robin Vernon buy, sell and trade classic cars in Miami. Ted, a fast-talking native New Yorker, has been in Miami selling classic cars since the 70s and knows all the tricks of the trade. His wife Robin has worked alongside him for 17 years. Filled with cool cars, colorful characters and plenty of humor, South Bea

Photo for Street Customs 2

Street Customs 2

GEAR UP FOR MORE AWE-INSPIRING AUTO DESIGNS WITH RYAN FRIENLINGHAUS AND CREW ON BRAND NEW SEASON OF STREET CUSTOMS - Follow the drama from conceptualisation to execution at West Coast Customs - The West Coast Customs family of auto-artisans is back for a brand new season of STREET CUSTOMS. With its headlights firmly f…


Photo for Trick My Truck

Trick My Truck

Discovery Turbo brings you the Chrome Shop Mafia – a team of big rig truck mechanics who scour truck stops throughout the United States to find trucks that are in need of a drastic makeover – and drivers who are in need of a break.

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Trick My Truck 3


Photo for Twist the Throttle

Twist the Throttle

Discovery Turbo's new series, TWIST THE THROTTLE, takes audiences on a remarkable 36,000 mile journey across the globe and into closed-door facilities to explore eight of the world's most famous sport motorcycling brands.


Photo for Wheeler Dealers 5

Wheeler Dealers 5

From a Mercedes 280SL to a Series III Land Rover, host Mike Brewer and mechanic Edd China fix up another range of classic vehicles. With Mike’s salesman expertise and Edd’s mechanical talent, they seek out more mechanical challenges to overhaul. Brand new episodes air every Wednesday at 2200 hrs (10:00 pm SIN/HK) beginn…

Photo for Wheeler Dealers 6

Wheeler Dealers 6

Mike Brewer and Edd China are back to put their refurbishing skills to the test on a brand new season of WHEELER DEALERS. Catch Mike and Edd as they take on restoration jobs to bring old jalopies out of retirement and salvage cars bound for the scrap yard, giving them new lease on life - with cash returns for their hard…

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Wheeler Dealers 7

Mike Brewer and Edd China are back to put their refurbishing skills to the test on the seventh season of WHEELER DEALERS

Photo for Wheeler Dealers 8

Wheeler Dealers 8

'Wheeler Dealers' is the perfect show for all car enthusiasts - full of everything you need to know about purchasing cars, fixing them and generally enjoying them.

Photo for Wheeler Dealers 9

Wheeler Dealers 9

This season of WHEELER DEALERS sees Mike does his own 'Italian Job' as he travels to Trieste to buy a stunning early sports car, the Fiat Dino. Back on UK turf, he searches for the most British of sports cars, the Morgan, as well as scoring one of the cheapest BMW M5's in the country.