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Photo for 2012 Apocalypse

2012 Apocalypse

Doomsday fanatics believe that a lost civilization predicted our fate more than 1,000 years ago - that the world will come to an end on 21st December 2012. They claim that fire will pour down from the skies and the oceans will rise up and swallow the land. They are adamant destruction on this date is certain, and eviden…


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Clash of the Dinosaurs

‘Clash of the Dinosaurs’ is a thrilling series that presents dinosaurs as you have never seen them before, from the inside. It offers a sharp, definitive and highly entertaining guide to dinosaur anatomy using ground-breaking computer generated imagery and the latest biomechanical understanding.


Photo for Deadliest Catch 3

Deadliest Catch 3

Season 3 of Deadliest Catch returns pushing deep into the Bering Sea with eight crab fishing boats and their crews through the two toughest fishing seasons in the world - Red King Crab and Opelio Crab. Rough waves and fierce weather make the Bering Sea a difficult and dangerous place to do business. For the fishermen wh…

Photo for Deadliest Catch 5

Deadliest Catch 5

The seas are rougher, the stakes are higher and the intensity has never been stronger as Discovery Channel’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ returns for a fifth series. At the Dutch Harbour, Alaska, Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, Phil Harris and Keith Colburn have returned for another season of crab fishing, but …


Photo for Fantastic Festivals of the World

Fantastic Festivals of the World

These programs combine the unique and exotic in each location. From the tribal dances in Papua New Guinea and the Andean culture in Bolivia to the ancestry tradition in Japan. This is how people get together with one global purpose: to jointly maintain their identity and celebrate who they are. The beautiful, the colorf…

Photo for Fantastic Festivals Of The World 2

Fantastic Festivals Of The World 2

‘Fantastic Festivals Of The World’ features the very best, most exotic and unique celebrations from around the world. Each year festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion, marking a special occasion in the calendar.

Photo for Flavors of Polynesia

Flavors of Polynesia

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Globe Riders

You are invited to experience the adventure, as 18 motorcyclists ride along the historic and fabled ‘Silk Road.’ Crossing eight different countries, they begin their tour in Istanbul, Turkey where they immerse themselves in the city’s history and culture.


Photo for How Stuff’s Made

How Stuff’s Made

People are fascinated with how things work. 'How Stuff's Made' will take you on a worldwide journey to participate in the process of making everything from diesel engines in Austria at BMW, to whiskey in Kentucky at Jack Daniels.

Photo for Human Body Ultimate Machine

Human Body Ultimate Machine

This program offers a very unique look at the complex and mysterious workings of the human body. From babies to adults, men to women, athlete to musical prodigy - the science behind the body's amazing features are revealed.

Photo for Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

‘Human Sacrifice’ examines ancient sacrificial rituals from around the world.


Photo for Into The Unkown With Josh Bernstein

Into The Unkown With Josh Bernstein

If you have always wanted to explore foreign lands, try to solve ancient mysteries or travel the globe in search of treasure then join international explorer Josh Bernstein as he goes on a quest for answers. In each episode of ‘Into the Unknown’, Josh investigates some of the greatest mysteries and explores the most fas…


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Mega Builders 4

‘Mega Builders’ takes viewers to the centre of busy construction zones - with behind-the-scenes tours, computer-generated images of completed projects and in-depth interviews with those who are closely involved. Sophisticated tools, new high-tech materials and creative engineering have allowed today’s building projects …

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Mega World 2

‘Mega World’ is an experiential series that highlights a broad range of innovations in science and technology around the world.

Photo for Mighty Ships 3

Mighty Ships 3

‘Mighty Ships' returns for a third series, providing exclusive access to some of the world's most extraordinary working ships.

Photo for Motor City Motors

Motor City Motors

‘Motor City Motors' follows renowned custom-bike builders Dave and James Kaye, founders of Detroit Brothers Custom Cycles.


Photo for Nature's Deadliest

Nature's Deadliest

Description to follow


Photo for Reinventors 2

Reinventors 2

The second series of ‘Re-Inventors’ follows hosts Matt Hunter and Jeremy MacPherson as they revisit more original ideas from the history books and try to make them work today.


Photo for Science Of The Movies

Science Of The Movies

‘Science of the Movies’ invites you on an incredible journey exploring the scientific world that exists behind the movie screen. Enthusiastic host and self-proclaimed ‘movie geek’, Nar Williams meets the visionary artists, investigates the innovative technology and discovers the remarkable techniques responsible for cre…

Photo for Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer

'Space Pioneer' is a fascinating six-part series where physicist and host Dr. Basil Singer eagerly plays the role of human guinea pig in his quest to find answers. Follow him as he investigates whether humans could possibly call Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn's moon Titan, and Jupiter's moons Callisto and Gliese 581c thei…

Photo for Stephen Hawking's Universe

Stephen Hawking's Universe

‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe’ is a landmark television event that will bend the mind, stretch the imagination and unleash the wonder.

Photo for Stunt Stars

Stunt Stars

In the entertainment world, stunt men and women have thrilled audiences with daring and spectacular performances. Their names are not always known, their faces rarely shown and their dangerous work often goes unacknowledged. This fascinating series discovers why these adrenaline junkies risk life and limb for their craf…


Photo for Tea Roads To The Skies

Tea Roads To The Skies

Winding more than 4,000 tortuous kilometres across 20 mountain chains and two desert plateau's, spanning four great rivers, and cutting through the territory of 25 different ethnic groups - is the ancient Tea Road. ‘Tea Road to the Skies’ is a series that follows in the footsteps of the caravans which for centuries haul…

Photo for Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

Academy Award®-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman executive produces, hosts and narrates ‘Through the Wormhole’ an exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

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Time Warp 2

The second series of ‘Time Warp’ premieres on Discovery HD Showcase. Watch as the team change the lens of time to make the invisible become visible and reveal our world in more astonishing and spectacular ways.

Photo for Tyrannosaurus Sex

Tyrannosaurus Sex

‘Tyrannosaurus Sex’ is a groundbreaking programme that investigates dinosaur reproduction.


Photo for Ultimate Survival 2

Ultimate Survival 2

He’s back! In this exciting second series, daredevil Bear Grylls seeks out extreme survival challenges in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. From hair-raising drops into the infamous Viper Pits on the Camino Reale in Panama, to disembowelling a dead camel to seek food and shelter in the Sahara, attempting to…


Photo for Ways to Save the Planet

Ways to Save the Planet

Ways to Save the Planet’ features a team of the world’s most prominent scientists and engineers, including the UK’s Dr Basil Singer, who, between them embark on a range of cutting edge projects from the controversial field of geo-engineering.