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Deadliest Catch 3

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Season 3 of Deadliest Catch returns pushing deep into the Bering Sea with eight crab fishing boats and their crews through the two toughest fishing seasons in the world - Red King Crab and Opelio Crab. Rough waves and fierce weather make the Bering Sea a difficult and dangerous place to do business. For the fishermen who work these waters, risk to life and limb is just another part of the job. If its not the dangers of operating heavy steel equipment on a rolling deck, it's the lack of sleep that makes the injury rate nearly a hundred percent. Join Captain Sig Hansen and his crew of a third generation fishermen, as they match their skills against old rival, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, and a new challenger rookie captain Blake Painter of the Maverick. Witness the deadliest hunt yet for the fleet in search of the prized crustaceans.