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Aircrash Unsolved: The Mystery Of Helios

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At 09.07am on 14th August 2005, Helios Airways flight 522 left Larnaca in Cyprus bound for Prague via Athens. There were 121 people on board, the majority of them holiday makers and children. But the Cypriot flight failed to reach its destination, instead crashing into the countryside outside Athens, killing all on board.

Ahead of the forthcoming anniversary, Aircrash Unsolved: The Mystery of Helios 522 investigates the mysteries surrounding the worst and most puzzling air accident ever to happen in Greece. Why did the plane lose contact with Air Traffic Control? Why were the crew unconscious? Who tried to fly the plane shortly before the crash? What caused the de-pressurisation in the plane's cabin and how did the plane crash?

By retelling the drama, as witnessed by relatives of the crash victims and those first on the scene, this hour-long special uncovers what might have led to the disaster. With the help of experiments, dramatic reconstructions, computer graphics and interviews, UK aviation expert Kim O'Neil recreates a detailed time-line of the crash and unravels the mysteries of the accident.