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Alaskan Steel Men

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Set in one of the harshest environments in Alaska, master welder Dennis Butts and his crew of heavy metal welders have one of the most dangerous jobs anywhere. The series follows the emergency response welders of Quality Marine of Alaska, who work around the clock to prepare Kodiak's fleet for a new fishing season. Dennis and his wife Theresa own Quality Marine Alaska and have assembled some of the best welders and pipe fitters in the business. Their weapon in the war against Mother Nature is fire and steel. The conditions in Kodiak are brutal. One mistake can cost lives. From welding underwater in icy cold seas and saving sinking fishing boats, to sealing a crack inside a floating barge that's getting crushed by epic ice flows, the team at QMA takes on the most dangerous emergencies in Alaska. Dennis and his men are fearless, tough as nails and never hesitate to put their lives on the line to get the job done.