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Alien Mummies

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Mexico, May 2007. A bizarre and mysterious creature, unknown to science, is caught in a trap. Is it an alien species from another universe or is it an elaborate hoax? Throughout history man's fascination for alien life has been fuelled by fiction and fantasy but belief in aliens is no longer the preserve of the lunatic fringe. Millions of people from around the world now believe in the possibility of alien life and many believe that the Aliens are already here! ‘Alien Mummies' is a journey of discovery and exploration into this fascinating world. From the Montauk Monster of Long Island and the alien skulls of Peru to the Mexican Metepec creature - these fascinating discoveries are examined with the latest scientific techniques and resurrected through CGI. ‘Alien Mummies' investigates amazing claims and asks one of mankind's biggest questions - are we alone or are there other alien life forms already amongst us?