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Alive! Sixty Days Under The Snow

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This is the remarkable story of Peter Skyllberg who defied the weather, biology and human science by surviving for sixty days inside a car buried under a snow drift with apparently nothing more than a few snacks and snow to eat or drink. Skyllberg was eventually rescued by a man on a passing snowmobile and pulled out suffering from hypothermia, starvation and barely able to speak. Now the questions as to his survival have begun. This incredible one-off special tells the story of Skyllberg's unbelievable survival and explores the implications it holds for the future of medical science and our understanding of the very limits of human endurance. This exclusive documentary will air never before seen interviews with the major first responders on the scene, local acquaintances and friends from his home town, as well as expert testimonies from doctors regarding the limits of human endurance in light of this case.