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American Chopper 7

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American Chopper returns for an eagerly awaited seventh series. It captures the renewed rivalry between Paul Sr. and his sons, who once business partners, are now competitors. Paul Sr. continues to build world famous custom bikes at OCC, while Jr. opens Paul Jr. Designs - his startup shop located across the street from OCC's original site. Jr. increases the already fierce competition by bringing back former OCC employees including his brother Mikey. In the battle between old and new, the father-son duo vie to see who can produce the most innovative choppers. In addition to the always impressive bike builds, this season follows Paul Jr., as he struggles to launch a new business in a turbulent economy and handles the pressure of planning his wedding. The first episode gets off to a fiery start with an on-air radio confrontation between Jr. and Sr., laying the groundwork for the family feud that is destined to escalate.