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American Chopper 8

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For the Teutuls, what was once a family business is now a family feud. Whilst Paul Sr. builds his world-famous custom bikes at OCC, his son Junior continues to run his competing bike business, Paul Jr. Designs, just down the road from his father. Though the lawsuit is now behind them, their rivalry is as raw as ever in this latest series of ‘American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior'. In this fierce battle between old and new, the father-son duo vie to see who can produce the most innovative choppers. This season, OCC works on a build for a hybrid seed company, a charity bike for Cell Buckle and rush to complete their bike for US Biker Law; while PJD works on a modern build for Cepheid, a medical technology company and a completes a special assignment for Dekalb. Tempers flare at OCC when Jason is offended by Senior's design critiques, resulting in a mangled bike that must be rebuilt. Plus, Senior continues his attempts to reach out to Mikey by commissioning a painting from him. But will their reconciliation be derailed when he receives mixed signal from his son?