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American Chopper - Senior vs. Junior

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It's make it or break it time for each of the Teutul men as they head off in separate directions after a bruising family breakup. With stubborn determination, Paul Senior continues his struggle to keep Orange County Choppers afloat during difficult financial times the only way he knows how, with hard work and a take-no-prisoners attitude. The OCC crew faces some of their biggest challenges yet - among them, they're asked to build another electric-driven chopper, but this time to break the world-record for the quarter mile.

Having been banished from the company he helped to build, Paul Junior. has come full circle, literally, as he sets up his own shop in the shadow of Orange County Iron Works, the very building where he and his father took their passion for motorcycles and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. Junior is now on a mission to expand his fledgling design company and return to his bike-building roots, by crafting custom choppers the old fashioned way and recapturing some of the magic that he feels was lost when OCC began to get too big.

Is the writing on the wall for OCC now that Junior's back to building bikes? And who will come out on top as OCC and Paul JR Designs start cranking out competing bikes, side by side?