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American Hotrod

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of custom-built cars, through America's premier hotrod builder and auto-industry legend, Boyd Coddington.

 American Hotrod takes an exclusive peek into the life of legendary hot-rod builder and designer Boyd Coddington and his crew.  Join Boyd and his team as they conceptualize, design, build and unveil a remarkable line-up of cutting-edge hot rods.  Along the way, viewers get to know Boyd, his sons, wife, ex-wife, publicist and the rest of the Coddington hot-rod team. 

Tension, drama, frustration and humour are inevitable when Boyd Coddington and his staff vigorously work to stay ahead of their looming deadlines and constant complications.  A comprehensive guide to designing and building street rods, customs, and lead sleds, 'American Hotrod' covers all areas of creating the ultimate car, including chassis, suspension, frame, engine, bodywork, paint and drivetrain.