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Baby Faced Body Builders

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This gripping documentary follows ‘Baby Faced Bodybuilders', for whom their obsession with their appearance is so extreme it's verging on a clinical problem. We delve into the lives and minds of three young bodybuilders and discover how they got to the point where they wanted to be unnaturally big. What do their families and friends think of it all? The programme follows ‘Bigorexic' 17 year-old Danny as he diets down for his first big competition. We are introduced to 13 year-old Jack and discover what motivates him to want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also meet a young girl Chapelle who travels to meet her heroine Avril, a female bodybuilding legend. This stark documentary delves into what drives ordinary young people to enter the weird and wonderful world of bodybuilding, sacrificing their adolescence to distort their bodies to grotesque proportions.