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Battleground: Rhino Wars

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Brand new series, ‘Battleground: Rhino Wars', explores a war that is raging in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The death toll is astonishing; each year, nearly 700 rhinos fall prey to poachers. At the heart of the conflict is the worldwide commercial demand for rhino horns, an exotic commodity that's more valuable than gold. Witness the conflict between the country's nefarious poachers and South Africa's anti-poaching unit, which has recruited armed forces to stop the illegal and lucrative trade. Cameras unveil the incessant violence and excessive carnage as park rangers are murdered trying to protect the wildlife that's indigenous to their homeland. Four current and former members of the U.S. Special Ops are brought in to survey the situation, train the anti-poaching corps, exchange tactical information and go on the front lines themselves to help defeat these ruthless criminals before the rhinos are brought to total extinction. But can they turn a hopeless situation into a bright future for the majestic rhino?