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Brainiac 4

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The highly entertaining show that puts scientific principles to the test. From blowing up caravans to attempting to boil an egg with 100 mobile phones.
Fast-paced, fun packed series that proves science really can be fun. For example, can you walk on custard?  If you blow up a sack of potatoes, do you end up with CHIPS? And is it really possible to fold the same piece of paper more than seven times?
Each week two young presenters and daredevil team of Brainiacs apply scientific principles to unusual situations – and carry out experiments which would send most sane science teachers into a mad panic.  
Which school would include lessons where you can create your very own watermelon rocket launcher using just a drainpipe, vinegar and baking soda? Or would allow you to blow up a caravan by simply wearing a nylon suit and going for a quick jog!  No, we can’t think of any either! Instead, watch Brainiac and we’ll show you how.