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Cafe Racer 4

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Witness the creation of some of the coolest motorcycles in history as ‘Café Racer' returns for a brand new fourth series. Directly responsible for today's superbikes, Café Racer refers to both a type of motorcycle and motorcyclist, who appreciates speed and good handling over comfort. Exploring the history, development and worldwide culture of the café racer, former professional superbike champions Ben and Eric Bostrom and their crew travel the globe in search of some of the best cafe racer builds and the masterminds that create them. This series the team turn to Roland Sands to café out a Harley Sportster. Rock band Chevelle builds an unconventional café racer from a Bimota DB3. Plus, can a motorcycle with a snow mobile engine, an automatic transmission, and a pull starter really be turned into a lightweight, high speed café machine? Join these exciting racers and builders for a full-throttle exploration of this fascinating subculture.