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Car Warriors

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Teams of local mechanics take on a crew of automotive experts in a car customising competition ‘Car Warriors'. Each week, the Car Warriors All-Stars take on challenger teams to see who can turn the stripped-down shell of a vehicle into a motoring work of art in just three days. Under intense time pressure and battling exhaustion, the teams must also face a series of gruelling challenges along the way, which will stretch their skills, challenge their ingenuity, and push their team relationships to the limit. The teams then submit their projects to the judges, the King of the Kustomizers George Barris, fabricator and TV personality Jimmy Shine, and customising supervisor and ‘Pimp My Ride' alum Mad Mike Martin. These three have done years' worth of top-notch customisations, so impressing them won't be an easy feat. Which team of car fanatics will wow the judges with their amazing designs and win both of the finished cars and all the glory?