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Meet the ‘Carfellas', Mikey, Tommy and Mario; three loud mouthed, but passionate New York Italians who run their used car business, Broadway Motors. Since the time they were kids, the guys have always shared a love of cars, and had always dreamed about selling and collecting them. After a good deal of hard work, that dream is now a reality. Uncovering the fast-talking, haggling, cut-throat, and confrontational world of the used car business, this exciting new series follows the trio as they try to make a buck, whilst competing against the neighbouring used car lots. Though they may not look it in their tank tops and shorts, these men know everything there is to know about cars and are well known and respected in the business. From the buying, fixing and "flipping" cars, to confronting shady mechanics, dealing with irate customers and collecting, restoring and reselling classic cars, the Carfellas do whatever it takes to "move the metal" off the lot and make a profit.